Is It Love? You Tell Me

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8 thoughts on “Is It Love? You Tell Me

  1. Oh, i love to be in love, don’t you love to be in love? Ain’t it just great to be in love? Oh, ain’t it wonderful? Isn’t it wonderful to be in love? Ain’t it just grand laying there late at night in bed waiting for your man to show up? And when he finally does, round about four o’clock in the morning with whiskey on his breath and the smell of another woman on his person…

    yeah, it must be love 🙂

  2. “F*** this s***! I’m going to find me a real man a true man. A man to love me for sure. Ya know, I thought I had found myself one…when he…when he…”

  3. when mr. d loves a woman, u can’t feel a thing at all, a bottle of viagra, won’t help at alllll…all

  4. Love is: Leaving your carbon footprints on your bedroom ceiling and having concussion from when your head was banging up against the wall!

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