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Bette And Ellen Sitting On TV – Monday, November 24th

It’s official…Bette will be appearing on Ellen, Monday, November 24th along with her famous fan, Pink! So this should be a great show. I think they will be showing highlights of Bette’s show and Pink will perform.

Show: The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Episode: (#6-056) – 2008/11/24
Network: (SYN) Syndicated
Date: Monday – November 24, 2008
Time: 9/8c AM
Duration: 1:00

Episode Description
About: The Ellen DeGeneres Show: (#6-056) – 2008/11/24

Ellen hosts a show in Las Vegas from The Comedy Festival at Caesar’s Palace.

Ellen will be joined by, the one and only Bette Midler who give some highlights of her Las Vegas show, “Showgirl Must Go On.”

Plus, rock star Pink will perform her #1 hit song “So What” her new CD, “Funhouse.”
Series Description

About: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

The hour-long, weekday talk/variety show features interviews with top celebrities, from feature film and television stars to newsmakers and pop culture icons. There will be segments featuring ordinary people with extraordinary stories, and musical performances as well as recurring studio and field segments. “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” will highlight DeGeneres’ background in standup comedy and her “every woman” approach to life’s everyday situations.

About: SYN: Syndicated
Syndicated is not a network but a term that refers to a show that airs at different times, different stations and different networks throughout the country. Availability also varies. Please check your local listings.

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8 thoughts on “Bette And Ellen Sitting On TV – Monday, November 24th

  1. I soo wanna see this, these two women are like the greatest ever artists, i admire them both so much, and just the fact that they both dont give a shit what anyone thinks of em, n ya if they recorded something together that wud be amazing, OMG i soo hope someone posts it (Jamie 😀 )
    and i love Ellen too, 😀
    Hales xx

  2. The 24th is Monday….not Friday.
    I only know that because its my dads birthday.
    Just thought I would let people know so that they dont get the wrong day.

  3. Hi…this is a great website, just wanted to say it! Hope I get to see this episode, or parts of it, on bootlegbetty…can’t see the show on monday!
    Congratulations on alle successes of this past year!

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