“Shoot The Breeze” To Be Used In Hoffman’s New Movie

Mister D: Whether Bette sings on the track, I don’t know.

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Hoffman wanted to be a jazz pianist
November 19th, 2008 – 1:05 pm ICT by IANS –

London, Nov 19 (IANS) Oscar winning actor Dustin Hoffman says he would have been a jazz pianist if he had not got a acting break in “The Graduate”.Hoffman still thinks his friend Mike Nichols played a joke on the world when he cast him in the lead role. He also believes he would have been a theatre actor if he was not drawn to jazz.

Contactmusic.com quoted him as saying: “I really wanted to be a jazz pianist… Acting was just a way to fail with a little more ease and not have my lack of talent show so much as it did on piano. I just had this freak accident happen, called Mike Nichols.

“I actually wrote a composition we used for my new movie, ‘Last Chance Harvey’, when I was in my 20s and my first girlfriend left me for my acting teacher. It’s called ‘Shoot The Breeze’. Bette Midler wrote the lyrics and sang it once and Sting has sung it.”

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9 thoughts on ““Shoot The Breeze” To Be Used In Hoffman’s New Movie

  1. Someone on youtube commented that they saw the screening of the movie. The song was used as a piano melody by Dustin. My question to them is…well, will there also be a cover??

    Sting seems to sing this song often at charity events, along with Dustin. My guess is that Sting will prob appear on the soundtrack. And do I have any hard evidence of this….um, no.

  2. That’s the way I thought it would go down, but I can’t find evidence of a soundtrack. If there is going to be one, the Sting cover is a high possibility…..

    Hope you get to visit….

    Love, D

  3. Dude, I left you a message on your cell… Did you get it? It was very late when I called but I have no consideration for people who sleep at night… I will FB you the dates.

  4. Elaine Paige sings a fantastic version of this song on her new dvd Celebrating 40 Years on the Stage! I recommend it for everyone.

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