The Rose – The Most Beautiful Lyrics of All-Time (Thanks Scott)

‘The Rose’ Tops the List of the 100 Songs with the Most Beautiful Lyrics of All-Time
Wed May 6, 3:01 am ET

Readers have voted, and the list of the 100 songs with the most beautiful lyrics of all-time is now available at the popular consumer website, “The Rose,” popularized by Bette Midler, comes in at number one.

Prairie View, IL (PRWEB) May 6, 2009 — The popular consumer website has just published The 100 Songs with the Most Beautiful Lyrics.

Tens of thousands of’s newsletter readers were asked to submit the song they believed had the most beautiful lyrics, and this list of the top 100 is the result.

“Aside from using a few synonyms like ‘deeply meaningful’ and ‘inspiring,’ we intentionally didn’t define ‘beautiful’ for people,” said bestselling author and founder of the website, Brian Vaszily. “We wanted each person to decide what that meant, and submit whatever song lyrics best fit their definition.”

Still, Vaszily notes, the hundred songs with beautiful lyrics that made the list tend to fall in one of four categories:

1) Falling in love, being in love, trying to stay in love
2) Having loved and losing that love
3) Honoring moms, dads, children ”¦ and brothers who ain’t heavy
4) Faith, hope and charity

The one hundred songs with the most beautiful lyrics are presented alphabetically at, with each title linked to the song’s full lyrics.

All one hundred songs are also available for download in an iMix at iTunes.

While not all the songs were ranked beyond simply making the top 100, the Top 10 most popular choices are listed.

Which song ranked #1?

“The Rose,” written by Amanda McBroom and popularized by singer Bette Midler.

At #2 is “What a Wonderful World,” written by Bob Thiele, George David Weiss and George Douglas and immortalized by Louis Armstrong. At #3 is “Imagine” by John Lennon. founder Brian Vaszily says he also did not limit reader submissions based on musical genres, time periods or any factor at all.

Still, he concedes, most of the selections are famous to somewhat-famous songs from the last sixty years or so. “Amazing Grace,” written by John Newton in the 1770s, is the oldest song to appear on the list.

“Most readers will be familiar with nearly all of the songs, but there are some surprises that made the list,” Vaszily notes. “A raw but quite beautiful song by the late rapper Tupac Shakur made the list. A really beautiful Christian song by an artist I at least have never heard of, Peter Mayer, made the list. And a song performed by Elton John that never gets radio play made the list.”

The mission of is to provide people engaging, enlightening and enjoyable experiences that transform them in some positive way. And, Vaszily says, listening to songs with beautiful lyrics certainly qualifies as an intense experience, which is why he encourages people to download some or all of these songs and play them in their home, car, office or elsewhere often.

“Still,” Vaszily notes, “I realize that people are passionate and particular about the music they love. Inevitably many people who see the songs on this list are going to be outraged that the song they believe has the most beautiful lyrics did not make the top 100.”

Therefore, he says, he is allowing submissions for 100 More Songs with the Most Beautiful Lyrics, which will also compile and publish.

The 100 Songs with the Most Beautiful Lyrics can be viewed at is dedicated to helping people overcome self-sabotaging emotions and achieve success and happiness by delving into engaging, enlightening and enjoyable experiences (“intense experiences”). Brian Vaszily, the site’s founder, is also the creator and voice of the internationally bestselling audio program, The 9 Intense Experiences, the author of the award-winning novel Beyond Stone and Steel, and a speaker. For more information, visit .

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