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“Group conformity scares the pants off me because it’s so often a prelude to cruelty towards anyone who doesn’t want to–or can’t–join the Big Parade.” Bette Midler

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6 thoughts on “Quote Of The Week

    1. Group think….group mentality…..herd mentality…..kind of like what the Yahoo Official Group turned into…:-)

  1. I love that part in the book. It’s very touching. It touched me in a very “private” place… haha … wait what?

    1. People post spam links there and then Jude cleans them up when he feels like it. Bette and them wish the site would just disappear. I keep telling them to take it down, but they think just because the numbers say 3000 that means there really are 3000 fans are there. They don’t understand it’s been abandoned. I tried to post the Bette, Not Madonna video there and Jude deleted it out of pure jealousy. But Eric and some of Bette’s inner circle know all about it….so he’s not thought of very highly. I also tried to promote a couple of other things but was banned from the site. So as far as I’m concerned it’s a porno site. Anybody that belongs to it should delete their membership and not have their name associated with it….seriously….

      1. Also, there is no bouncing of inactive members. If so, there would only be a handful left. All this is well known. If he brings up the group they just smile at him politely….so whatever. Classic case of denial. I’d feel sorry for him but he continues to repeat past mistakes and is unapologetic about any of his bad behavior….

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