Smug Mutha Package Extended Thru November 15, 2009

Mister D: Sorry for all the updates, but I knew some of you would be excited by this news…..

Bette Midler The Showgirl Must Go On

Hey Bette-heads… ask and you shall recieve. Due to overwhelming demand the “Smug Mutha” package with the Bette meet & greet opportunity is now being extended through Nov. 15. So those of you who want to see her in Oct. and Nov. now have the chance to meet her by purchasing this package. Go to Ticketmaster for details.

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11 thoughts on “Smug Mutha Package Extended Thru November 15, 2009

  1. keep bringin good news like this one Don!…you make my day happyer…(don`t know if that expresion is correct)

  2. This must be a sign, am planning to see the show for the 3rd time on Nov 8th (which is also my birthday!!)

    Now if I can only find a thousand bucks someplace….hmmm

  3. hey i read that Hullaween is going to be the 30th of October…that`s my birthday…even it`s not important…i feel happy haha…see Don..i`m a little crazy. I think Bette has that efect on the Betteheads haa

    1. Betteheads are known to be some of the craziest fans for their idol, Bette Midler, than any other….but in a positive way. There are always exceptions though…

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