Top 10 Vegas Shows For August 2009 From

Top 10 Vegas Shows For August 2009 From Top 10 Vegas Shows For August 2009

1 Bette Midler
2 Cher
3 Cirque du Soleil ”“ O
4 Cirque du Soleil ”“ The Beatles: Love
5 Jay Leno
6 Phantom The Las Vegas Spectacular
7 Cirque du Soleil ”“ Zumanity
8 Cirque du Soleil ”“ Ka
9 Chippendales
10 Cirque du Soleil ”“ Mystere

The above tickets are based on sales not popularity by Truly The Peoples Choice

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5 thoughts on “Top 10 Vegas Shows For August 2009 From

  1. Help me I wanna see The Showgirl Must Go On, I dont know nothing about Las Vegas, any hotel, place to stay, the best seats,

    1. rafael: you’ll just have to slowly figure it out like the rest of us did…..maybe first get tix, then plane tix, check out hotels while making plane reservations. Seats are all pretty good….

  2. I like ticket master better because they show you exactly where your seat is and I think they are cheaper.

  3. Thank you for sharing the information we just got our Cirque du Soleil – O from

    Thank you for doing the Top 10


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