Bootleg Betty Bette Midler Birthday Fundraiser For NYRP Instructions

Now say that really fast!!! LOL I’ll make this short and simple. This fundraiser is to honor and show appreciation to the finest living entertainer/philanthropist/eco-green goddess there ever has been. In order to do this, we donate our hard earned money to her beloved creation, NYRP. Now get those checkbooks out and follow these instructions! Love, Mister D

(Why, I’ll drop my dress for a donation to Mister D’s Cause — ME!!!!)

Starts: October 1, 2009 thru November 30, 2009

Minimum Donation: $20.00 then to the moon(if you can’t make the minimum, then just give what you can. It’s okay. The economy sucks….)

1. Purchase a birthday card or make your own

2. Enclose your check or money order (if you use credit card or paypal we’ll try to figure something out)

3. Important-Make the check out to NYRP. Write on the check where there’s room….”Happy Birthday Bette – The BetteHeads” to let her know it came from the BLB group so they can tally how much money we raised. Write this on the check and the back of the envelope…make sure you follow this part carefully or your donation won’t get counted nor will it make it into the box being presented to Ms. Midler.

4. Beginning on Oct 1 thru Nov. 30 Mail the check to (make sure to write Happy Birthday Bette – The BetteHeads on the back of the envelope….very important):

Attn: Kristen Dougherty
New York Restoration Project
254 West 31st Street,
10th Floor
New York, NY 10001

5. Bette will be presented the birthday cards and donations in a handmade box on her birthday or close to it.

6. Then NYRP will tally the totals.

We need a lot of participants, so this doesn’t come across as lame. The birthday card will give you a chance to express some of your feelings. So let’s make this successful and maybe make this a yearly thing. At least we tried. Pass this along to your other Bette friends and get them involved, too.

Love, Mister D

PS: Be looking for weekly reminders at the least….

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