Updated: Bette Midler To Be Joy Behar’s First Guest Tuesday 29th (Thanks Marissa)

Mister D: Just in case, Ms. Behar’s show actually premieres Monday the 28th so you might want to tape that show as well….you never know if a mistake could have been made.(Thank you, Steve)

The Joy Behar Show” debuts September 29th at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HLN. And who is her very first guest? You guessed it, none other than the living legend known as The Divine Miss M!! Make sure you tune in! HLN stands for Headline News and is a satellite station affiliated with CNN. Therefore when it comes on may be different for everybody. It’s channel 204 on Direct TV. Channel 196 on Dish

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5 thoughts on “Updated: Bette Midler To Be Joy Behar’s First Guest Tuesday 29th (Thanks Marissa)

  1. I LOVE Joy Behar as much as I do Bette Midler, and I always thought they could be twin sisters, they’re so much alike. I’m hoping Joy will not have to be putting up with that annoying twerp Elisabeth Hasselbeck and that she will have more fun and success with her new show (if she leaves “The View”). I hope she’ll have Whoopi Goldberg on there too.

    I just had a thought! Rhae Ann Theriault should go on Joy’s show to promote her animal welfare/rescue work (and maybe a certain solo CD I hope she’ll release one day…)

    Sorry, I couldn’t help adding that last part. 😉

    Joy’s an animal lover too and I’m sure she’s up on her Harlette knowledge if she’s a friend and fan of Bette. Does Joy have an email address for her new show, if so I could, or someone could put in a little request. Rhae Ann could even sing on the show and maybe show some pictures of funny butts and bananas. 😉

    Cheers, Michael

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