Alicia Jacobs, Ann Coulter look-a-like, Is An Ass!

Norm Clarke
Las Vegas Herald

Caesars Palace headliner Bette Midler, who announced Thursday that she’s ending her two-year run Jan. 31, didn’t score many PR points during her stay. “She refused to support our community,” Alicia Jacobs, KVBC-TV, Channel 3, entertainment reporter, said on the air Thursday. Examples cited by Jacobs included Midler’s lack of cooperation in helping to promote Nevada Ballet Theatre’s major fundraiser, the Black and White Ball, in which she was feted as the honoree. Honorees traditionally agree to media interviews prior to the event. Midler not only turned down media requests and reneged on a scheduled interview with Jacobs, but made one of the shortest acceptance speeches in the history of the event and left minutes after arriving.

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9 thoughts on “Alicia Jacobs, Ann Coulter look-a-like, Is An Ass!

  1. What a bitch! I’m sure Bette has more important things to worry about then ballet for Christ sakes! It’s not like it’s a big time award anyways. She has an entire organization to take care of, a show to run and a family. If I was Bette I would have done the same thing. Why do they thing that Bette should have the responsibility to promote them anyways!?!? This really pisses me off.

  2. She’s most likely one of those loud ass Republicans just like Ann Coulter who says whatever the hell they want and give zero insite into how the other people will feel about what they say. Oppss….did I say that out loud?!

  3. Why Do People Have To Be So Mean And Cruel And Say Such Hateful Things???, There’s Enough Aweful Things Going On And Being Said In This World Already And That Just Showes She Has No Clue Who The Real Bette Is, A VERY Kind And Sweet Person With A Heart And Soul Of Pure Gold Who Cares About People And This Planet, So I Say Miss Thing Should Just Button Her Lip


  4. =] Must have been someone else, i like that. I hate a loud mouth person just about as much as i hate Republicans. And living in DC and going to school here and working for a bunch of Republicans, Ive come to relize that they can be an embarressment to themselves and they say things that latter come to bite them in the butt. So, my advice, is to not take her words to heart, and pay no mind to them. Only because she has no idea what she talking about and she is doing what every Republican sense Nixon has done, WINE!!!

  5. Let me see…Bette has been there for almost 2 yrs bringing fans to Vegas who would normally choose not to make the trip. But, for Bette and her show, have gone to Vegas and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars while spending time in Vegas – their community.
    I would say that Bette has done more than her share of stimulating Vegas’s economy & community. As with most media, this woman is clueless. Since she can’t get her facts straithg,she should try working for FOX news.

  6. Actually, I give this reporter props for calling Bette or any other celeb out on their bad behavior.
    If Bette accepted the honour from the “Ballet,” then she should have supported them the right way?
    I’m a Bette fan, but I have heard many stories of her not being especially gracious to her public.
    btw, I dont get the “Ann Coulter” reference…that reporter, Alicia Jacobs is stunning, Coulter is hideous…lets play fair kiddies..

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