Another Reason Bette Should Leave Vegas – A Drunk Mayor

Vegas Mayor Rips ‘Fat and Short Bette Midler’
Posted Nov 28th 2009 12:05AM by TMZ Staff

One sign Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman might be a bad auctioneer: He turned down the highest bidder … and then called her a “fat and short Bette Midler.”

The Mayor let the unbelievable dis loose at a recent auction in Sin City, after a woman he repeatedly said looked like the Divine, red-haired, Vegas performer entered a bid of $2,750 for the item on the auction block.

In the video — shot from a distance — Goodman says he won’t accept her money because “she’s fat and she’s short.”

The other auctioneer quickly tried to steer the auction back on track … but the damage had been done.

Going once, going twice … cold!

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17 thoughts on “Another Reason Bette Should Leave Vegas – A Drunk Mayor

  1. wow, I can’t believe someone would have the balls to say that, especially to someone who is going to give him money. What a jerk.

  2. Incensed, really, at the lack of standards for a political official, the mayor of the town where the money just keeps on bringing itself in over and over…
    I read this earlier, and then after it popped up on the website, I said its time to launch an all out retribution.
    Local LVegans, call for the resignation of this lout, and make him accountable for the drinking in public lesson that politicians are not allowed to cross the line. Perhaps a twelve step program is more appropriate?
    Let’s realize there would be no Lady GAGA or Madonna without the original Divine Miss M!
    Vegas, boycott Vegas! Allow me to suggest everyone to cancel their trips (if it is not a financial hardship for you! times being so rough) and write their local credit card company, hotelier, airline, and Las Vegas Tourisim/Convention bureau, and the LV Mayor’s office that NO way will we pay to step foot in this town.
    Like the mayor is such a hunk!?

  3. This is outrageous. I was so upset that I went on the official site to contact the mayor of Las Vegas to report my outrage. I let the mayor (or whoever checks his email) know that the reason I had visited Las Vegas in 2008 and 2009 was to see Ms. Midler. I enjoyed the town and planned to return even after she had left. However, now because of his ignorant banter I will not. I will tell everyone that I know about this event and discourage them from visiting Las Vegas. The website gave an automatic response that I would recieve a timely response. I will let you know if I hear anything Mr.D. Thanks for bringing this outrage to my attention.


  4. I would encourage all Betteheads to google “email the mayor of las vegas” and let him know that this is unacceptable. Be respectful, even though he wasn’t. Just let him (or his office) know that we won’t stand for it. Thanks!


  5. Someone who expresses that way can only hurt. I do not want to continue talking about the asshole mayor. I just have a phrase
    ***The mouth speaks what the heart is full***
    Love Mister D!!!

    1. thank you eric and nay….

      thanks for the info eric….that’s helpful. i just thought it was outrageous behavior on his behavior

  6. are you serious?!? If i ever meet that ignorant s.o.b. i’ll kick him where the sun don’t shine! ZThis is almost as bad as the article from about 2 weeks ago!!! Why does it seem that anyone in vegas with a voice (or keyboard) is a total ASS? well i guess we could redo the ending to ruthless people only with this ass and remeber, higher deck, less water and sharp rocks!!!

  7. actually i take that back, instead of ruthless people lets change the beginning of Drowning Mona, lets take bette out of the Yugo and put this guy in it!!!!


  9. I just wrote:

    Dear sir:

    Would you, please, never make comments on Bette Midler again on any circumstances? If I visit Las Vegas again will be because of her and not because of your work of public speaking.

    Marcos Valenca.

  10. heard nothing as of today…let’s see what Dec 1 b r i n g s! Its Bettes Birthday! Last year I attended TSGMGO and had the time of my life! Yee haa! You all who haven’t seen it, wow, is all I can say and Happy B Day. Send money to New York Restoration Project and maybe each city can have a baby bette there to plant trees!

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