Give The People What They Want – A Mayoral Oaf And A Crappy Community

Las Vegas Sun
Reids’ national media misadventures and Mayor Goodman’s true self
By Jon Ralston
Friday, Dec. 4, 2009 | 2 a.m.

Ӣ What a Goodman he is when it comes to other races and physical attributes: In the space of one week, the man everybody loves to love twice exposed his true self and character. To wit:

At a charity event, Goodman the auctioneer rejected a high bid thusly and was captured on “She’s fat and she’s short ”¦ a fat and short Bette Midler.”

I am sure the Divine Miss M was thrilled, as were fat and short people everywhere being mocked by the mayoral model of physical perfection.

At Wednesday’s City Council meeting, His Honor said this about what would happen if the economy does not recover quickly: “If we aren’t in good shape five years from now, we’re going to be speaking Mandarin and eating chow mein and calling each other Mr. Kwon Do.”

I am only surprised he did not affect a Chinese caricature and slur his R’s.

It should be noted that both utterances were met with laughter and applause.

Gov. Goodman? Why not?

Give the people what they want.

To write the mayor: Click Here

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