The Showgirl Must Go On Indeed! (Thanks Malven)

Dear Mr. D,

I”ve visited your Bootlet Betty website and have enjoyed the wonderful stories of fans who have seen TSMGO in Vegas. Now it’s my turn to share. Here goes…

For many years I’ve raved about Bette’s tremendous talent. Ever since I saw Beaches many moons ago, I got hooked instantly to this wonderful Diva. I had wished the people close to my heart would share my deepest admiration for Bette. I wanted them to see the reason for my being. It finally happened. In November last year I treated my aunt, my cousin and her daughter (my niece) to see TSMGO. All I wanted was for them to experience the Divine Miss M. And our girl did not disappoint.

They were simply blown away by Bette’s jaw-dropping and high energy performance. They sang along, they lol’d at the Sophie Tucker jokes, they oohhhed and aahhhed and yes, they did shed tears as well. Of course I shared all these with them. It’s funny coz I was trying to be discreet about the waterworks. But then I look to my left and there’s my aunt wiping tears off her eyes. And glancing to my right I see my cousin and niece both weeping as well. We laugh through our tears as we watch my niece’s false lashes fall off. She was supposed to meet with her friends after the show. Of course she wasn’t expecting to weep at a Bette Midler concert so she didn’t bring her lash paraphernalia. She was forced to face her friends with “bare” eyes. Poor thing! But none of that really mattered. She hugged me and thanked me for a wonderful evening. She loved Do You Wanna Dance. Needless to say I got tons of hugs that night. Now they’re raving about their great experience with the Divine Miss M.

I saw Bette’s last couple of tours before TSMGO, the Millenium Tour in Vancouver and Kiss My Brass in Toronto. And I’ll be damned if I missed TSMGO. My only regret is that it took this long to finally catch her Vegas act. It’s just that my job kept getting in the way. It’s unbelievable! Bette hasn’t lost her touch. She never fails to wow and entertain the audience. Such energy and sheer dedication to her craft. She’s certainly left no stone unturned to give the audience an awesome show. The outrageously colourful costumes, the funny Sophie jokes, and most of all the classic Divine Miss M songs. Worth every penny! In my books she’s the consummate performer of all time. And you know what? I’m definitely coming back and soak in a couple more shows.

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One thought on “The Showgirl Must Go On Indeed! (Thanks Malven)

  1. That was a nice story Malven. I understand what you are saying when you want the people who are close to you to see why you love her so much. I did the same thing with my husband and my mom and sister. I treated my mom and sister to TSMGO and they loved it. My husband enjoyed KMB. He saw her in a different light after hearing her humor…lol.

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