Really? Can’t Hold A Candle To?

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Celine Dion returning to Las Vegas for three years
Posted by Tim Henley on February 10, 2010M at 12:28 pm
Celine Dion announced she is returning to Sin City.

Dion signed a contract to perform at Caesars Palace for three years beginning March 15, 2011. Dion previously performed at the palace from 2002 to 2007, but she left when her contract expired.

Dion told People magazine she will give 70 performances per year. When dion left Caesars Palace in 2007, Bette Midler replaced her in 2008. Midler’s contract ended last month.

Although Midler is a legend in her own right, she still can’t hold a candle to Celine. Good choice on the part of Caesars Palace owners to bring Celine back.

(“The Oklahoman’s Tim Henley swims in the pool of celebrity gossip and tosses little floaties on which you may join him.”—what does that even mean? Sounds nasty!)

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40 thoughts on “Really? Can’t Hold A Candle To?

  1. Can’t hold a candle?!! Who does he think he is?! Celine is a wonderful performer…but she is not a national treasure like Bette. She CANNOT bring you to tears with her ballads or make you laugh until you cry, as Bette can. Bette Midler is a triple threat. Sorry Celine, you are not.
    …too far? did I go too far? haha Sorry. 🙂

  2. I LOVE LOVE Celine! But Mr D you are right! She cannot hold a candle! In music her achievements far surpass Bettes, as a performer, actress and everything else… Bette cannot be touched! These news reporters are crap!!

  3. Celine is good, but I think Vegas is ready for someone else. She was there for 5 years, plus right after she did a world tour! Anyone who wanted I believe had a chance to over the last 8 years. I don’t think she will pull in a large an audience as she did before. That’s enough Celine, you were there for 5 years, move on.

  4. CAN’T HOLD A CANDLE, my ass! Arg!

    What makes them think Celine is going to sell this time around? She’s already been there, plus the economy is different now. I hope she falls on her face.

    Sorry, that’s mean of me.

  5. Don, after Celine left prices did go up. Bette’s tickets were more because Caesars now knows people are willing to come to Vegas to see that kind of show. Also, one needs to take into consideration inflation over past 7-8 years since Celine first performed there. During her last run Celine was charging up to $350 for a ticket!!

    Anyways, Bette should not be compared to anyone. I don’t know another artist who performs the way she does; Delores, Sophie Tucker, etc. But I think Bette did ok in ticket sales, I only wish that the economy didn’t go tits up until after her run so she would have done a lot better, and maybe even extended her show. And Celine didn’t sell out all her shows. In the final year I think 80%-90% of the shows were sold out, but then again the theatre only sat 4,148.

  6. WTF!!! Name one song, besides Titanic, that was a “hit” for Dion AND that wasn’t a re-make. Go ahead, I dare you. Not to mention, Dion has absolutley NO stage presence, puh-leeze, she puts me right to sleep – What a crock of shit!
    I’m off to shovel the damn snow (for the 3rd damn time), I should be able to take the aggression from this opinion out on that!!

  7. To Philly’s Miss M
    Where Does my heart beat now
    Beauty and the beast
    love can move mountains
    because you love me
    Tell Him
    I’m your angel
    the Prayer
    that’s the way it is
    a new day has come
    I’m alive

    and that’s not counter her French songs either, which is a pity

  8. Wow i thought I’d never see the day when a straight guy knows more Celine Dion songs than a gay guy!! All the songs reached the top100 in the US

  9. I happen to love Celine. She has a killer voice, but as to stage presence… I would have put my thumbs down. I don’t even know half of those songs Jayson listed. lol Bette IS a tripple threat like others have said.

    Maybe Delores put people off… I know my Mom hated that part and I’m sure people who aren’t her core fans were just like “WTF?” I’m JK! But not really…

    Bette’s show was AMAZING! Maybe she needs to advertise herself more. She hardly ever does in the U.S. She always goes to the U.K. Babs had advertisments on tv for her last CD. I never saw anything for Bette. This is just so frustrating. I can’t imagine what Bette is thinking about everyone saying all this rubbish. I feel so bad.

  10. o and Philliy’s Ms M, I’m not putting down Bette, but Im just saying none of Bette song are original. They are all remakes. Maybe she has one or two she wrote but they did not go anywhere. And guys don’t hate on Celine, she did not say anything bad about Bette, she just took an open job from Caesar’s Palace so back off the girl a little. : )

    1. You’re right Danielle….I have nothing against Celine (just not a big fan), but my problem is with the press so far. Amanda, Bette is kept pretty guarded about stuff like this…as for your frustration over how her career is handled….join the club….

  11. It’s true Celine doesn’t have stage presence, but she is still too young and she performs a lot of ballads in her shows which distant herself from the 18-20,000 people who come to see her when she tours in the round. She’s not an entertainer, she’s a singer. Bette is just awesome, Cher on the other hand is bigger than Celine and Bette since she puts on a larger show, but some people think that she too distants herself from her crowd, and she always sings the same songs on every tour. Just look at all three tours since 1999 to now, and then look at her Heart of Stone, and Love hurts tours in the 1980’s and 90’s which were mostly cover songs, and only the hits from her Geffen records (1987-1992)

  12. I said “hits”, as in top 40…I’m w/you Mr.D, I don’t think I know most of them. And to think I know music – ha! No offense but, you can keep Celine, When it comes to all around talent, you cannot deny that Bette has that category in her back pocket.
    And as far as people being “put off” by her, I just think people are too uptight and need to get off the politically correct band wagon. I’m not backing off, I am just voicing my opinion like everyone else.
    Relax and enjoy the show.

  13. Celine can’t even hold a menorah up to Bette (that’s 9 candles and Jewish!) I’ve heard Celine just stands there singing and well they are totally different. You can’t even put them in the same category! Bette is way more amazing than Celine can ever hope to be.

  14. Marissa, a menorah has 7 candles. and Celine only stands in one place when singing the big ballads, because, if you notice, she spreads her legs to hit those loud and big notes. And it’s true you can’t put these two in the same category.
    Ok here’s Celine’s top 40
    If there was any other way #35
    where does my heart beat now #4
    Beauty and the beast #9
    Love can move mountains #36
    Nothing broken but my heart #29
    Misled #23
    to love you more #11
    Because you loved me #1
    I’m your angel #1
    Heart will go on #1
    That’s the way it is #6
    A new day has come #22

    so Celine has 12 Top40 hits in the US that are not covers

  15. Celine, as big a she is, will never be as beloved as Bette! Most people I know love or like Bette, but as soon as the conversation turns to Celine its another story! Most see her as a screaming harpie (which annoys me, because she’s so much more!), where as Bette is seen as a legend and someone who you could approach. Celine will never have the achievements Bette has! Bette Midler is the greatest l
    iving person in the world (just my humble opinion :D)

  16. I really didn’t mean for this to become a Celine bashing forum. After all, she and Bette are friends…what I didn’t like was the reporter’s stance on his news reporting….did he have to say Bette can’t hold a candle to Celine….???? I guess in some way, you have to put Celine down to make your point. I was just more angry with the reporter and wanted to send him a message… showing him Bette’s bigger achievements as an entertainer….hope that came out right…

  17. Here I go again:

    1. Guys, of course Miss M is an American national treasure, but Celine Dion’s numbers show that she’s becoming a world treasure! Mr. D, help me out here, but I think The Divine One sold less than 20 million albums in her whole singing career. Dion has sold much more.

    2. Nobody should doubt Dion’s power to attract audiences. If her tickets for 2011 really go on sale next Friday, FEB/12/2010, and sell well, it’s proof that she is very wanted. This way, AEG and Caesars won’t even have to come up with the money to produce the concert, the fans are going to provide it. Miss M’s tickets were also on sale way before the Showgirl debut.

    3. I agree with the reasons given on why Bette’s tickets were, in average, higher than Dion’s. Plus: Miss M did less shows per week than Dion, so they tried to compensate.

    4. US$ 350.00 (premium Dion ticket) is a price Miss M’s tickets never reached.

    5. Having an 80 – 90% audience share after 5 consecutive years is amazing. Dion did a great job. She, as The Divine One, was very disciplined and hard-working.

    6. The Delores segment on “The Showgirl Must Go On” was, in part, Martin’s falt. Bette wasn’t sure on including Delores and Martin said she owe it to us. I, for one, think that Delores is better kept in the past for now on. Soph must be kept though.

    7. Advertising costs money. It doesn’t come from nothing. Streisand’s albums are more publisized than Midler’s because her album projects sell much more than Miss M’s and she has Columbia/ Sony on her back. That said, I don’t think the Clooney and Lee songbooks did badly. The Divine One has pretty good access to TV talk and morning shows, Sony did an OK job and they sold well. Not hits, but far from flops. Bette even got Grammy nominations, if I’m not mistaken!

    8. Bette always going to the UK?! When? I believe in the last decade, she was only there twice, for work! She has only toured in Australia once in 20 years!! How long ago did Bette go on a real world tour? I mean, the 5 continents? NEVER. I truely believe The Divine One focus too much in the USA and forgets the rest of the world. If she went to Europe now, she could kill!!! I think there’s a big demand for Miss M, at least in Europe and Australia. Dolly Parton went 2 years in a roll to the Old Continent and was a HUGE success. Take a look on one of her shows at the O2 Arena in London. It’s the greatest venue in Europe and she sold it out just like Michael Jackson did!

    Mr. D wrote: “You’re right Danielle….I have nothing against Celine (just not a big fan), but my problem is with the press so far. Amanda, Bette is kept pretty guarded about stuff like this…as for your frustration over how her career is handled….join the club….”

    Let the press speak, they’re entitled to it. Some guys like to write things in a colorful or salty manner for attention. Even The Divine One did this when she was starting out. Complain only when it is a big fat ugly lie, otherwise, relax. Miss M is fine. Bette knows she’s adored by us and respected by a huge amount of people and entertainers.

    Mr. D, I didn’t know they had to guard Miss M from bad press. I mean, I know she had that depression in the first part of her career. She went to France etc. But she’s so gutsy. Taking The Colosseum gig is proof of that. Are Bette’s papers screened before being delivered?

    Now, I think it is an absurd to be frustrated about Miss M’s career. I know she let “Misery” and “Sister Act” pass. I know she’s divine, though not perfect. But I think we should rejoice in the facts that she is one of the best well-rounded performers. As someone said before: she can act, sing, tell jokes and more. Let’s support her on her future ventures and enjoy the ride and her artistic output so far.

    I consider myself lucky for having such a huge connection with The Divine One’s persona and work. I think I’m blessed for finding someone who can make me laugh, cry and think as Miss M does. If a bigger amount of humanity preffers artists like 50 Cents or talentless celebrities like Paris Hilton, too bad for them. Poor things can’t see the light.

    We all love The Divine One, but our love shouldn’t make us blind when comparing her to other artists. Sanity is one of the things we must never loose.

    I’m proud of Bette. I’m going to keep collection her artistic output and enjoying her work.

    The next time I go to Vegas I’ll try to see Dion, Cher.. not Manilow… But my main goal is seeing The Divine One live at Wynn or Encore (fingers cressed).


    1. Marcos, I totally agree with almost all you say, but I have to say you frustrate me, too. You and I email moreso than others and sometimes it seems you are just totally frustrated by her career choices….so I feel like I’m getting mixed messages. Although sometimes I give off those as well, too….Go figure, I’m bipolar! LOL

      I don’t think Bette is strictly screened….from small personal experience I get the feeling that this happens occasionally. I don’t think, with all the press this has been given, that it could be hidden. It’s too “in your face”

      Otherwise, your post is very well thought out….

  18. Yes I agree with you Don! I didn’t mean to sound like I was bashing Celine, because I love her! And I disagree that she has no stage presence, her goofy and energetic performances are what I love about her! But I agree they shouldn’t compare them, and they should check all their sources beforehand!

  19. what reputation with the ladies?!!? They all think I’m gay, don’t know why?

    But I have to agree, on most, of what Marcos has said.

    1. Marcos ….when he posts is pretty logical…like you….keeps emotions in check. Emails a different story…kind of…..sorry Marcos…LOL

  20. Mr. D:

    I think you said it: When I post I reflect first. When e-mailing a pal, I let my tongue on the loose.

    I don’t want much:

    1. I want more films for The Divine One. Perhaps the Weinsteins can help in this arena. Harvey is very good on promoting quality movies and getting awards for them. LET’S NOT FORGET TO KIDNAP SALLY FIELD.

    2. I want a partial world arena tour. I’d need a research to see if it would be doable in my own Latin America.

    3. I want more divine products. It isn’t fair to have three Streisand concerts, Celine Dion’s A New Day and only Divine Madness (which I don’t watch much) and Diva Las Vegas (As time went by, in different media, 2 VHS tapes, a Brazilian DVD and a British CD & DVD combo).


  21. I don’t understand what the problem is with Bette’s Delores segment. That’s always been a favorite part of the show for me. It’s entertaining as it is beautiful and its Bette. It’s what makes Bette’s show hers along with Soph and everything else. I’m confused.

    1. It’s like with anything Andre, Delores is not everybody’s cup of tea….they think she’s a fish that’s well overcooked. I for one would be disappointed without her….

  22. Jayson: I wouldn’t exactly call Celine “young”. She’s quite younger than Bette, yes, but she’s not young by any stretch of the imagination as far as the female voice is concerned. Although her voice is still strong and holding up much better than others around her age (Mariah Carey, for example).

    Sorry I’m just jumping into the fray on this one.

    Celine Dion is a fantastic singer with wider mainstream appeal, and I love her music, but I too am tired of all the insults. You can’t compare Celine’s previous ticket sales to Bette’s. The economy has tanked since Celine was last in Vegas, and Bette draws a much different audience. And it’s like so many others have already said, Bette’s a triple threat. Celine’s just a singer.

    At least this particular article didn’t make me as angry as every single post Perez Hilton ever writes about Bette. As a gay man, he doesn’t seem to have much respect for the icons, besides Cher.

    Sorry, I’ve been fuming over this for a few days now.

  23. Lora:

    I don’t know why you even dignify Perez Hilton’s reporting by reading his blog. He’s part of the tabloid media. He writes about who is paying a mortgage or not! Take a look:

    “Pay Up! Brian Austin Green Owes Over $70k In Mortgage Payments!

    Was 2006 a year of hopes and aspirations for former 90210 star Brian Austin Green???

    Because he took out a $2 million mortgage on his Hollywood Hills home in ’06!

    Sadly, it’s 2010, and when you’re most famously known for clinging onto Megan Fox, you end up behind on mortgage payments!

    Reports say Green is over $70k behind on his payments, but a rep for the actor says it’s all strategy!

    The former David Silver is hoping for a “short sale” of his home, in which he’d sell it for less $$$$$ than he owes and hand the money over to the mortgage company.

    Smart idea?”

    That’s not journalism. In my world, tabloid media wouldn’t make a single buck. I only visited his site because you pointed it out to me. If you like gossip, try Liz Smith. She’s a lady and a BetteHead.


  24. I would be sad without Delores…I love her. I know Bette had said a few years back that she didn’t know how long she would be able to do Delores (I don’t remember where or when I heard this but it stuck in my mind because i love the delores part of the show)so maybe next time around they won’t include her. So sad 🙁

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