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Thursday, February 11, 2010

What’s Your “Be My Valentine” Bette Song?

Supposing you losers have a Valentine or a pretend one, which Bette song would you share with them on Valentine’s Day to show your love and respect for? You can just name the song or if you want, you can go into the “why” of it….in the meantime I’ll have to do some serious thinking myself….28 years with the same person is….OY!!!!!!

Love, Mister D

PS: In case anyone was offended by the loser comment….it was a joke! You know I love you all. Yes, all! Read More

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Are you a full-fledged Bettehead?

Our fellow BetteHead Marcos came up with a fun quiz about Bette to test your BetteHeadology. Take the test…IF YOU DARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Click Here

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Happy Valentine’s Day Part II

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All The Single Ladies!!!

All My Single Ladies
February 11, 2010 – 12:00am
By Amanda First

So,Valentine’s Day has finally arrived … and we’re still single. For weeks, we’ve lived in denial, desperately ignoring our single status and praying for a boyfriend to fall from the sky. But of course he didn’t. And now that the dreaded holiday is here, there’s nothing for us single girls to do but shut ourselves up in our rooms with a giant box of Godiva (our own treat) and The Notebook. Read More

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Meet Drew Becher

City’s ‘green machine’ gets a new leader
Pa. Horticultural Society names Drew Becher to succeed Pepper.
By Virginia A. Smith

Drew Becher, an urban warrior who has spent 15 years promoting community gardens, tree-planting, and environmental education for underserved children in Chicago, Washington, and, most recently, New York City, is the new president of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, Philadelphia’s “green machine.”

He succeeds Jane G. Pepper, 64, who retires June 1 after more than three decades of association with the society, the last 25 years at its helm. Read More

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Catching Up With Elinor Lipman

Mister D: I just wanted to say that ever since our lunch with Ms Lipman almost 2 years ago, my mother has become a voracious reader of Ms. Lipman’s novels. Absolutely loves them…she’s read them all. I’m quite slow, but I have to say, my mom has very good taste.

Elinor Lipman: Satirical Novelist
Elinor Lipman’s Books Comment on American Society Using Satire
Feb 10, 2010 Peggy Hazelwood

The novelist Elinor Lipman is the author of nine novels, including Then She Found Me, that are witty and fun reads. Lipman also writes essays on current American life. Read More

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