All The Single Ladies!!!
All My Single Ladies
February 11, 2010 – 12:00am
By Amanda First

So,Valentine’s Day has finally arrived ”¦ and we’re still single. For weeks, we’ve lived in denial, desperately ignoring our single status and praying for a boyfriend to fall from the sky. But of course he didn’t. And now that the dreaded holiday is here, there’s nothing for us single girls to do but shut ourselves up in our rooms with a giant box of Godiva (our own treat) and The Notebook.

Right? Wrong! Well, kind of. Right about the Godiva part (but chocolate is right every day of the year). Wrong about The Notebook. After years and years of sobbing until I choked as Noah and Allie made out in the rain, I finally realized this year that it may not be the best idea to watch romantic movies when I’m single on Valentines Day.

So I’m trying something new, and I suggest all the single ladies out there join me: Instead of watching films that make me feel bad about my single state, why not hang out with my other single friends and watch movies that make me HAPPY to be on my own? I’ve listed below, therefore, the top five Single Lady movies, to keep your eyes dry and your spirits high this V-Day:


This little-known gem may be corny, campy, and totally dripping with 80’s sap, but it remains one of my favorite female-bonding, tear-jerking movies of all time. Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey star as completely different best friends – Midler’s a self-absorbed singer with out-of-control hair, and Hershey is a reserved but compassionate wife and lawyer. Get ready to clutch your besties and cry like a baby!


This French film may be a little under-the-radar and more than a little quirky, but it’s completely charming – totally inspiring for any single girl that thinks she needs a man to change the world. Amelie, played by Audrey Tatou of The Da Vinci Code, sets out to improve the everyday lives of the people around her, and in the process, she manages to come out of her shell and shake up her own quiet life.

Charlie’s Angels

Nothing says girl power like a trio of spandex clad, butt-kicking secret agents with truly terrific hair. Watching Dylan, Alex and Natalie battle bad guys with their bare hands as their totally boring boyfriends sit at home and pine after them will inspire you to get up off your bed and hit the gym, tackle that term paper, or pick up a new hobby – without the help of some drooling frat guy.

Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion

If there’s any proof that you can have the time of your life with just the girls, then this is it. Laugh your head off as Romy and Michelle, two former losers (and total single ladies themselves) tackle their high school reunion with style and sass. Their antics may be ridiculous, but they both end up on top, teaching single girls everywhere that all you need to do is invent Post-Its to win people over – or not.

Sex and the City

The movie may not be as good as the show, but nothing will make you more grateful for your single girlfriends. If you don’t feel like crying, skip over the part where Big leaves Carrie at the altar – it’s almost too painful to watch. Instead, focus on the Fantastic Four and their amazing, amazing couture outfits as they gallivant around New York and enjoy each other’s company to the absolute fullest. And if you’re lucky enough to have the series on DVD or on demand, watch it, and you’ll be immediately cured of your single-girl blues!

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