Ask Mister D: Will Bette Present At The Oscars?

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Question: Mister D, you slovenly windbag, will Miss M be a presenter at this years Oscar ceremonies? I haven’t seen her present in years.  When she does, she always steals the show. ~ Anonymous in Detroit

Answer: Honestly, this is a compilation of questions on the same subject, and I hate being the bearer of bad news, but I have it on good authority from Mister Bruce Vilanch and Bette Midler‘s  company that she will not be handing out one of those genitalia-less statutes this year.  But, as any fan of this webzine should know, tuning in to the Oscars is a must!

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4 thoughts on “Ask Mister D: Will Bette Present At The Oscars?

  1. Somehow I have a feeling Bette may win an Oscar in the Best Supporting Actress category someday. She’s such a strong presence, I’ve always felt that with the right role, I can see her sneaking in a film for a short period of time and stealing the entire movie. Kind of like a “hit and run” where our jaws are left wide open, and we all say “Thank God Bette showed up!”

    [BTW, they just announced La Diva Babs to present at the Oscars this year]

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