Kristin Chenoweth on American Idol….

You were a judge on ‘American Idol’ this season. You didn’t like it, right?
Oh, I liked it. I just wouldn’t want to do it full-time. I don’t want to tell people they’re not good. It’s just hard. Plus I just think, “Who am I to say?” Bette Midler is one of my favorite performers of all-time, and I remember reading a story that her voice teacher in Hawaii said she’d never make it and I just think I don’t want to be that person who tells the next Bette Midler that she’s never going to make it.

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4 thoughts on “Kristin Chenoweth on American Idol….

  1. Kristin was great on Glee and is also a great guest on talk shows. Saw her with Jummi Kimmel or Leno, forget which, and she was hilarious with a wicked sense of humor.
    I can see her liking Bette, both are sharp and fast and and great entertainers.

  2. Off topic but this reminded me of a recent story I heard about Tina Fey. A friend of mine knows her father and when Tina was approached to do the Sara Palin “schtick”, she asked him what he thought about the script.
    He told her not to do it because he thought it would ruin her career – LOL!!

  3. I agree with Kristins reasoning but she is wrong by the fact that there will never be another Bette Midler, yes I know she isn’t saying that there will be she was just using the reference pertaining to the topic, i just felt like throwing that out there 🙂

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