Bette Strips Again!

Bette Midler takes it off
Liz Smith
April 29th, 2010

OK! Back to the St. Regis night. It’s important for me to salute Lily Tomlin who turns out to be not just adorable, as when she performs her famous characters, but equally fabulous as herself. She pretends she doesn’t quite know what she is doing up there onstage, or at the mike, where she is actually running everything. I have seldom seen her comic equal as an emcee. And she performs in such a throwaway manner, as if everything is happening on the spur of the moment. Just a great talent!

We were all captivated toward the end of the show when Bette Midler suddenly burst upon us in a surprise appearance, in all her glory. She sang a song with special lyrics to her fellow actor Mr. Lane. “The Divine Miss M” was certainly in her element and when she exited, Lily said sardonically that it was too bad Bette wasn’t donating something glamorous to the regional theater auction. Whereupon, Bette’s gown itself was thrown out onstage to a burst of hilarity from the shocked audience.

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