BetteBack: Midler Begins Adopt-A-Highway

Midler to pick up tab for highway cleanup
Article from:Chicago Sun-Times Article date:November 11, 1991

Bette Midler has joined a campaign to combat litter along California’s highways, offering to adopt and clean up a two-mile section of the Ventura Freeway in Southern California.

Signs marking Midler’s stretch of highway will be posted soon, said Russell Snyder, spokesman for the state Department of Transportation.

Midler was the 236th Adopt-a-Highway volunteer, Snyder said Friday.

The singer-actress will hire a company to collect roadside trash and clean off graffiti, Snyder said. Her portion of the freeway will be marked at either end with signs saying: “Litter Removal Next 2 Miles, Bette Midler.”

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