Bette-Bytes: 5-16-2010

* In the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine there is a 3 star review of Arif Mardin‘s “All My Friends Are Here” CD. According to the reviewer the best tracks are the Bette Midler penned “The Greatest Ears In Town” and Carly Simon‘s contribution. The CD is not released until June 15th but you can pre-order by clicking on the CD cover in right hand bar on this site…towards the top of the page.

* I talked with Bette‘s office about the new Bette Midler site and the word is that work on it has not even begun yet. They aren’t even sure when it will start. My guess, and it’s my guess, that it will be done by the end of the year..

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11 thoughts on “Bette-Bytes: 5-16-2010

  1. well why didn’t they just leave the old site up until the started work, i mean come on, i’d rather look at that then the thing they have now!!

    1. Probably because Caesar’s owned the rights to the other….that’s what I’m thinking….

  2. What amazes me is that they could, at least, show the covers of all her albums and DVDs. Plus a photo selection and music sample. There’s not much for a site like that.

    A good example of an entertainer site is Celine Dion’s. Very professional and complete. She even has the official forum and store there.

  3. I bet they feel like they don’t have to rush with her website because all her fans have this website to go to. Which is waaaaaay more up to date than her website ever is. : )

    1. Thank you Danielle, but I really hope they get it right this time, but something tells me they won’t….

  4. Hi,
    Any idea of the possibility of a Bette Midler tour to Australia?? If not, where in the US can someone like myself get the once in a lifetime opportunity to see the Divine Miss M LIVE???????

    1. not sure when she will do another concert tour…next up will be the movie Cats And Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore and then supposedly a new CD

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