Lane/Midler Have A Good Laugh Over Joan Collins

Bette Midler, Nathan Lane get a laugh at NY Restoration Project picnic at Joan Collins‘ expense
Wednesday, May 19th 2010, 4:00 AM

Nathan Lane and Bette Midler certainly had a good time at the New York Restoration Project‘s 15th annual spring picnic on Monday – mostly at Joan Collins’ expense.

“I want people to see that Fort Washington Park is a beautiful space that was once a wreck,” said the Divine Miss M.

Chimed in Lane: “It’s like Joan Collins. Look what they’ve done. And now, she’s beautiful!”

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5 thoughts on “Lane/Midler Have A Good Laugh Over Joan Collins

  1. I can tell you one thing, having met both of these ladies – Joan was the most friendliest…

    An uncalled for joke I think.

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