Check Out The BLB ToolBar At Bottom Of Page – Learn To Use It….

Make sure to Check Out The BLB ToolBar At Bottom Of Page – And Learn To Use It….

To FaceBook, Twitter, Share, Like, Recommend An Article On Bootleg Betty, you must FIRST click on the title of the article and then do one of the aforementioned, otherwise you’ll just be basically sharing the whole site if you catch my drift. The article title when clicked on becomes a link just for that article. Just wanted to make sure everyone knew that. The BLB TOOLBAR will allow you to do many of those things. There’s also a chat room for those who want to use it that has audio/video capabilities….usually you would probably want to schedule ahead for something like that. There’s no harm you can do to it, so you might as well experiment with the Toolbar….

Thanks, Mister D

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