Celebs react to debate: Katy Perry and Bette Midler might share a drink

USA Today
Celebs react to debate: Katy Perry and Bette Midler might share a drink
Carly Mallenbaum , USA TODAY
October 10, 2016


Were you watching that nasty debate Sunday night? Katy Perry and Bette Midler sure were.

The two of them took to Twitter (as did many other people) to share their feelings on the second presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

And it may have led to a wine date?

Many other stars shared their discouragement with the debate on social media, with tweets that ranged from silly comments …

Questions I wish were asked: Why do we have cup holders in movie theater seats but not airplane seats?

“Take all the Season 6 scripts and incinerate ’em. We start fresh tomorrow. Good God.” — @OfficialJLD & the @VeepHBO staff writers

If you erase every single thing you know about this relationship, you can easily imagine they’re doing a karaoke duet here.

… to posts criticizing Trump.

Someone please explain to Donald Trump how the Senate works and how the government works and how vaginas work and also Russia

Trump has never said a grammatically correct sentence in his entire life.

Doubling down on “locker room talk”?! Like all men do this?! Trumps words are an attack on women, this pathetic excuse is an attack on men.

Does Trump do this sniffing thing during any other speaking appearances besides these debates?

Every time he says African American. Latina, Muslim I feel like he saying the other words in his head. He is the worse!

If the bar gets set any lower, Trump is going to trip over it.

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