And I Get Letters….A Very Cute Story! (Thank You Art!)

Hi Don (or Mister D),

I was just listening to “Derek & Romaine” on XM Sirius Radio and Derek told a story Bruce Vilanch told him about Bette. I’ll paraphrase it here. Derek remarked that he’d not heard the story before, and neither have I.

So the story goes back many years ago when Bette was 36 and suffered a pinched nerve on stage and had to be hospitalized immediately. She was heavily sedated and out for a period of time. Of course, the story made the news, and when Bette woke up in the hospital after about a day, she came to, as Bruce Vilanch was in the room.

They ultimately turned on the TV, and Entertainment Tonight gossipist Rona Barrett was reporting that “Bette Midler, age 40, was hospitalized.”

Bette, who was 36, asked Bruce, “Dear God, how long have I been out?”

A lovely moment. Of all people, I’m glad Bruce was able to be there.

Thanks for all you do, Don.

Your friend in Fresno,

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2 thoughts on “And I Get Letters….A Very Cute Story! (Thank You Art!)

  1. Mr. D:

    Please, does Miss M have CLOSE straight male friends? The ones I remember are gay: Vilanch, Manilow, Shaiman etc.


    1. Marcos….from what I gather most are still gay. Whenever I’ve been around her she seems to be surrounded by gay men except for the band members….I think her best friend is Jann Wenner and he is gay….

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