Video: Bette Midler And Wendy Williams

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9 thoughts on “Video: Bette Midler And Wendy Williams

  1. my heart almost stopped! i am sure she is joking about the itunes show….but just on the rarest notion, mr d. is there any truth to this?!?!?!

  2. WHOA!! Did she just say TSMGO will be premiering on itunes!! Was she being serious! Oh god I hope so!!? xx

  3. Mr. D:

    Please, talk to Miss M’s people to make her I-tune release of The Showgirl Must Go On an INTERNATIONAL release. Much of what is released in the USA is NOT available in Brazil! I don’t know why. I mean, my international credit card is as good as anyone else’s!


    1. I’m already on top of it and have asked about it. Am waiting for a reply. I’ll post as soon as I find anything out….

    2. Marcos….you know I can’t make them do shit, but I’ll mention it in case they don’t know. And why don’t I believe your credit card is worth shit! 🙂

  4. Omg I saw my mom and step dad and Leanne Lisa and danelle in the background!!!! Omg omg tsmgo on iTunes please god let it be true!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Jill, my heart stopped beating too, when I heard Bette mentioning it — “the Showgirl must go on…and the Showgirl must promote.” I had to rewind the video to listen to it again. Mr. D, Marcos is right, TSMGO should be released internationally, my relatives in the Pacific have international credit cards too and I am sure they will max ’em by buying TSMGO in volumes hahahaha!

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