Bette Midler To Open New Garden July 20th

Liz Smith
July 15, 2010

COME July 20, Bette Midler will be chalking up another triumph with her New York Restoration Project. At noon that day, down at 176 Suffolk Street, Bette will open a new garden spot thanks to the Dorothy Strelsin Foundation.

Ms. Strelsin, who starred in the early editions of the revue “New Faces,” along with such burgeoning talents as Henry Fonda, has now gone to her reward. In her lifetime she was a generous, fun-loving woman who celebrated other people’s talents. She married the man who had manufactured the famous Norden bombsight in World War II and she used his riches very well. This money is still in effect, now growing greenery and flowers!

The Strelsin Foundation is overseen by the former New York Times writer Enid Nemy and it does a lot also for the theater. (Brava, Dorothy, you’re not in Kansas anymore but you are still doing plenty of good!)

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