Tid-Bettes: A Little Bette News

New Twitter Page Coming:  Out with the old.  The new twitter page will be simply bettemidler or bettemidler moving forward (of course, the latter, i think they were trying to say, “next question please!.” I didn’t press it.)  So screw that last twitter page.  I was brave enough to give my suggestions for the new page…not sure how that was taken, so we’ll see.  And I ain’t revealing what I said.  I just gave ideas that might make Bette tweet or twat more….to show her that it could be educational and not mindless. (like most of my tweets are) 🙂

Press For Cats and Dogs: Look for minor press on the movie as far as Bette is concerned on the major networks.  You may see small appearances on some of the entertainment magazine shows but nothing more.  No big interview shows.  And of course, reviews…OY….I have no idea what to expect?!

Laying Low: In fact, don’t expect much Bette news until the Fall when things I am told should start heating up again beginning with Hulaween information.  We’ll start from there and move forward.

That is all I could force out of them…sorry!!!!

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3 thoughts on “Tid-Bettes: A Little Bette News

  1. Thanks, Mr. D for the update:) whatever it is that’s coming up in the fall aside from Hulaween, I am so looking forward to it:)

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