Extra’s Rapid Fire Quiz With Bette Midler

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3 thoughts on “Extra’s Rapid Fire Quiz With Bette Midler

  1. Awwww…Mr. D., what can I say…this made my night!She always makes me smile (and laugh at the same time, seriously!)and always brightens my day:). I am soooo happy to see a new video of Bette (haven’t seen one lately except for that Kitty Galore interview:)I love her sooooo much and I miss her soooooooo much:)- as if she’s a part of my family:).

    Thanks, Mr. D. and welcome back!! Trust you enjoyed your little break:) xoxoxoxo

  2. we missed you too and we love you soooo much not to allow you to have that day off for yourself — after all we get to have only one birthday a year:)! take care and enjoy your new blue convertible mini cooper:)!

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