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The Desert Sun
Bette Midler channels her inner ‘Kitty Galore’

The legendary Bette Midler returns to the big screen as the voice of Kitty Galore in the new Warner Bros. live-action adventure “Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore.” But unlike her villainous feline counterpart, Midler was truly divine when I sat down with her for an interview.

MANNY: You are the cat‘s meow in the film.

MIDLER: I am indeed. I’m the villain, and I gave it my best shot. I really like it.

What attracted you to the role of Kitty Galore?

Well, it was an offer…..

That you couldn’t refuse?

Yeah, and I knew there was going to be a really good cast. It’s got Nick Nolte in it, James Marsden, Christina Applegate and Katt Williams. It’s just got a wonderful cast. I didn’t know the director. I’ve subsequently gotten to know him pretty well and I think he’s tremendous. It’s his first picture and he put all the elements together and I think he has a sensational picture.

Is voice work hard?

It’s always hard to do voice work. Especially in a situation where you’re just talking to a screen, but it’s gratifying when all the pieces are put together.

Have you been to Palm Springs?

I have been to Palm Springs and I love Palm Springs. Palm Springs is in renaissance I understand.

Which places do you like visiting here?

I enjoy the vintage furniture and vintage clothing stores. I like Palm Springs a lot. My husband and I travel down there every now and again, but I’m enjoying seeing how it’s coming back to life. It’s a real joy. I always enjoy seeing places that have kind of fallen off the radar or under the radar. I enjoy seeing them come back.

Cats or dogs?

All, all of them — snails, worms, bees, cockroaches, cabbage worms — all God‘s creatures. I had a wonderful pet that I love very much that I felt was a real genius. She had a great nature. She was really funny and my whole family was crazy, crazy about that dog. And she had a big spirit, you know, when you walk, if you had been away for a while and you came back you never felt that the house was empty, because her spirit was always there. She was a great, great, great pet, and that’s what pets are for, right?

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