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Bette Midler channels her inner ”˜Kitty Galore’

The legendary Bette Midler returns to the big screen as the voice of Kitty Galore in the new Warner Bros. live-action adventure “Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore.” But unlike her villainous feline counterpart, Midler was truly divine when I sat down with her for an interview.

MANNY: You are the cat‘s meow in the film.

MIDLER: I am indeed. I’m the villain, and I gave it my best shot. I really like it.

What attracted you to the role of Kitty Galore?

Well, it was an offer…..

That you couldn’t refuse?

Yeah, and I knew there was going to be a really good cast. It’s got Nick Nolte in it, James Marsden, Christina Applegate and Katt Williams. It’s just got a wonderful cast. I didn’t know the director. I’ve subsequently gotten to know him pretty well and I think he’s tremendous. It’s his first picture and he put all the elements together and I think he has a sensational picture.

Is voice work hard?

It’s always hard to do voice work. Especially in a situation where you’re just talking to a screen, but it’s gratifying when all the pieces are put together.

Have you been to Palm Springs?

I have been to Palm Springs and I love Palm Springs. Palm Springs is in renaissance I understand.

Which places do you like visiting here?

I enjoy the vintage furniture and vintage clothing stores. I like Palm Springs a lot. My husband and I travel down there every now and again, but I’m enjoying seeing how it’s coming back to life. It’s a real joy. I always enjoy seeing places that have kind of fallen off the radar or under the radar. I enjoy seeing them come back.

Cats or dogs?

All, all of them – snails, worms, bees, cockroaches, cabbage worms – all God‘s creatures. I had a wonderful pet that I love very much that I felt was a real genius. She had a great nature. She was really funny and my whole family was crazy, crazy about that dog. And she had a big spirit, you know, when you walk, if you had been away for a while and you came back you never felt that the house was empty, because her spirit was always there. She was a great, great, great pet, and that’s what pets are for, right?

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