Stuff U Should Know That’s Happened To BLB

Barry and I have had to do some background updating to the WordPress Template that I use for Bootleg Betty and all went well except that 8 years of my archives have disappeared. Oh, they are out there on the net, just not labeled properly here, but don’t fret….it’s fixable and we will fix it just as soon as we learn HOW TO FIX IT! LOL Really it shouldn’t be long, and I don’t think any of you knew they disappeared anyway, so I probably shouldn’t have brought it up.

I did find a new email list subscriber which is an upgrade over the last piece of crap I had…it has all kinds of features that I have to learn about….like well, I don’t know quite yet, but they will be classier and full of more info. I’ll be able to do newsletters and all sorts of things….anybody want a column? So you can start subscribing now or wait till I’m ready to roll the new sucker out. Shouldn’t be too long. It’s just waiting for me to learn how to use it….and well, you know me, I ain’t no fast learner. Not because I’m stupid, but because I’m on friggin Facebook all day! But I promise to focus, I swear.

Otherwise that’s it. No biggie. Hope you’re enjoying the dog days of summer and all these back to school sales. I know I’m not. That’s because I’m Fabulis and on Facebook….all the time…I have friends, dammit! Which reminds me…I’m needed there now. Ta Ta!

Love, Mister D

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3 thoughts on “Stuff U Should Know That’s Happened To BLB

  1. We surely didn’t notice (LOL!) but of course, we appreciate your update, Mr. D:)

    Re the column – I’m interested (is it okay?) – what kind of column you’re looking at?

    Take care:) xxoo

    PS. It’s okay to be on FB — friends make our day:) I’m there too every chance I get when boss is not looking and here on BLB too (LOL!)

    1. The column idea just came to me while I was writing. If you have something you’d like to write about or an idea….let me know. I truly was just throwing it out there….

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