Margaret Cho Speaks Of Bette Midler And New CD

Mister D: This little tidbit came from Tim Park’s Media Ho blog. You can read the whole interview there where Ms. Cho talks about stand-up and her new CD, Cho Dependent, if you like, and of course, it is interesting….it’s Margaret Cho! But this little snippet had to do with Bette Midler, so…I snipped it, what else!:

“It’s all kind of inspired by Bette Midler,” Cho said. “I always think of Bette Midler as a comedian, and she is not officially, but she really is. She’s a really funny performer, and yet, she has this amazing voice.

“So I wanted to make an album, that was amazing musically, and even though I don’t have a voice like Bette Midler, I can belt pretty good. What’s great about the album is that it’s really beautiful music, but it’s also funny lyrics, too. I think it works on a couple of different levels, which I love.”

And, what’s not to love about a tracklisting that includes the tunes, “Your Di**,” “Eat Sh** and Die,” “Gimme Your Seed,” “Calling in Stoned,” “My Puss” and “Captain Cameltoe.”

Speaking of the tracklisting”¦ felt the need to let buyers beware that all of the songs, with the exception of one called “Lice,” were “explicit” ”“ you would think that would be fairly self explanatory, ok? And, not-so-surprisingly, customers who buy Cho Dependent are apt to purchase the latest CD’s by Scissor Sisters and Kylie Minogue”¦ hmm, that’s queer.

“Oh, I love that!” Cho exclaimed upon hearing that bit of information. “That’s perfect!”

Mister D: I bought the CD and I loved it, but it’s not for everyone. It’s very musical, but mostly with comic lyrics…expicit at that. Some might find it too one note due to the lyrical nature, but it has a variety of styles as far as music is concerned with some pretty amazing co-writers. Think Patti Griffin, Tegan and Sara, Fiona Apple, Ani DiFranco, and others.

[wpaudio url=” Margaret Cho – My Puss.mp3″ text=”13 Margaret Cho – My Puss.mp3″ dl=”0″]

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