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American Idol 2011: What should the Top 8 sing?
April 12, 2011

The “American Idol” Top 8 are set to take on songs from the movies this week. That’s a pretty broad theme, so picking what I’d like to hear them sing this week wasn’t easy. I based my choices on the song list the Season 9 contestants had to chose from and AFI’s Top 100 Songs from Movies list. So who really knows if any of the songs I pick for them are even available. But, at any rate, it’s still fun to pick and imagine. The contestants and songs are in random order.

Paul McDonald, “Mrs. Robinson” from “The Graduate.” He could appeal more to the mature woman voter this way. ha. It would be fun for him to do a nice acoustic version. Just him and his guitar. If he wants something a little more produced, maybe “(Everything I do) I do For You.” He and Bryan Adams kind of have similar voices.

Jacob Lusk, “Over the Rainbow” from “The Wizard of Oz.” He could easily put his gospel slant on this one. And it could have all sorts of double (even triple) meaning ”¦ with or without ruby slippers. Too bad he’s already done “I Believe I Can Fly” from “Space Jam.” And by “too bad” I mean “Thank God.”

James Durbin, “Born to Be Wild” from “Easy Rider.” Sure Adam Lambert sang this but when has that ever stopped a current contestant. After last week’s pointless slow down, we can expect James to turn things back up. This one could work. It’s familiar with everyone and lends itself to some new interpretations. If not that, then maybe “Old Time Rock and Roll” from “Risky Business.”

Lauren Alaina, “I Will Always Love You” from “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” not “The Bodyguard.” I’d like to hear Lauren do Dolly Parton’s version. Or at least a mixture of her’s and Whitney Houston’s. Lauren was tough to pick for. I considered “What a Feeling” from “Flashdance” and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” But neither seemed to be the right choice for her.

Haley Reinhart, “Take My Breath Away” from “Top Gun.” To be honest, I don’t really think this is the best song for Haley. If the song selection is more broad than I imagine, then I’d pick “At Last” by Etta James. It’s been in several movies and would definitely qualify and I think Haley could shine with it. If Naima Adedapo had not already done “Summertime” from “Porgy and Bess,” then maybe that would’ve worked for her as well.

Casey Abrams, “I’m Alright” from “Caddyshack.” This is kind of a douchey song and Casey is kind of douchey, so I think it would be perfect. He seems to mostly be doing this competition as some sort of elaborate joke anyway (except for last week ”¦ I was able to take him seriously last week).

Scotty McCreery, “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” from “Urban Cowboy.” I could’ve easily gone with “Jailhouse Rock” but since he can’t do another Elvis song already, this one is right up his alley. To sound like a broken record here, I’ll say I’d rather him put his country spin on something less country like “The Rose” by Bette Midler, but since I know that’ll never happen, I’ll try to stay near Scotty’s mindset. So “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” it should be. Even if it is just to make Jacob sweat over such an evil, devilish song within his earshot.

Stefano Langone, “Purple Rain” from “Purple Rain.” I don’t know why I want to hear Stefano do Prince, but I do. But he’d never do this song. Just wishful thinking. He’s officially the one person left to not really take any risks even though no one but me has seemed to notice. So that being said, he’ll probably do something predictable like “Kiss From a Rose” by Seal. “Stand By Me” could also be a good (but safe) choice for Stefano.

What are your suggestions and thoughts?

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