BetteBack: Happily Married And Heading Back To The Top

The Salina Journal Entertainment
Sunday, June 9,1985

Is it true that Bette Midler‘s so unhappy with her marriage that she’s become depressed, and is talking about early retirement? – M.R.

As far as I know, Bette and husband Martin von Haselberg still are a pretty happy and contented married duo after five months. Midler is not the manic depressive sort, so her bubbly and tenaciously career-oriented spirits remain undaunted.

Midler’s taken some big career lumps in the past. But now she’s back at work with a vengeance, preparing to record another album before making her next flick, “Down and Out in Beverly Hills.”

Let’s just say it’s a good bet that Midler will wind up back on top.

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