Midler fans speak out against Lady Gaga’s Cut, Copy, And Paste

Lady Gaga plagiarizing again?
Bette Midler fans speak out against Lady Gaga plagiarism
By Peter Buchanan, Chicago Pop Music Examiner

In Chicago, Lady Gaga performed in a wheelchair at her United Center concert with no controversy. But in Australia, the story is quite different. It has not only caused controversy there, but civil rights groups in the United States have spoken out against the stunt. To make matters worse, Bette Midler and her fans have condemned the fading pop star for plagiarizing her act.

“I’m not sure Lady Gaga knows that I’ve performed my mermaid in a wheelchair for millions of people –and many of them are still alive,” The Divine Ms. M wrote. “Dear Lady Gaga–if you think a mermaid in a wheelchair seems familiar, it’s because it is! You can see it on Youtube 24/7 with ME performing it”

Lady Gaga fans have been taking to Twitter to condemn Bette Midler and her fans. “Lady Gaga is bigger than Elvis. Bette Midler is an old lady who belongs in a nursing home,” a little monster tweeted.

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11 thoughts on “Midler fans speak out against Lady Gaga’s Cut, Copy, And Paste

  1. “An old lady who needs to be in a nursing home” gee, I had no idea that being 65 and able to RUN from one end of the stage to the other qualified you to being committed! Let me say this about Lady Gaga fans, there just as rude, obnoxious, and childish as there “idol” she’s no one to look up to. She’s a loud mouth over the top pain in the ass! If you ask me, she should be the one to get put away in a home!

  2. don’t worry. the lady gaga fad will be over soon and bette has been performing for people who love her for over 40 years. i think we all know who wins this fight

  3. Bette Midler “opened the door for trashy singers with bad taste and big tits”…and fins.

    I’m a Lady Gaga fan but am having to eat some serious crow here after defending her during the “Express Yourself”/ “Born This Way” chord progression clone wars.

    There’s nothing left out there that’s truly original; I get that. But Lady Gaga isn’t even trying to make her art look like her own anymore. I half expect her to start wearing a single rhinestone glove and moonwalking any day now.

    She’s a gifted musician but people are going to stop paying attention to her art if she keeps painting with other artists’ colors.

  4. I even like Lady Gaga and this whole thing makes me livid. Her little monsters are brats who know nothing about the word “legacy”. Lady Gaga may eventually build one, but she’s got a lot of years ahead before that even happens. Those kids need to learn what it means to have respect for the past and the influences that paved the way for Gaga to be where she is today. Bigger than Elvis, my ass…

  5. This “tiff” is creating quite a stir. It’s now on the front page of AOL with a story on Huffington Post’s showbiz section:


    I think Bette has really shown class with her last tweet of reconciliation: “let’s have a drink together at the Emmy’s….mermaids can coexist”..

    Having read numerous blogs on the topic, the controversy is definitely mixed: Gaga fans saying Bette is over the hill and needs to retire and make room for the younger generation, and Bette fans saying Gaga stole her act (very true–Gaga was also accused of stealing a Madonna song as well–so much for the originality!).

    I have to agree with the blogger that said at minimum Gaga should apologize to Bette for the intentional plagiarism. Also, it would have been a nice gesture on Gaga’s part to acknowledge Bette for the mermaid/wheelchair bit. A “tip of the hat” to Bette, would have been the appropriate thing for Gaga to do–but then that would require that Gaga was a “Lady”.

    It’s not too late for Gaga to do so. All she has to tweet is: “I’ve always been a huge admirer of Bette’s, and my mermaid/wheelchair bit is my way of paying homage to one of the greatest singer/actor/comediennes of all time–Bette Midler”.

    It really is time that people start crediting Bette for paving the way for their successes. Demonstrating admiration and tribute to someone can only enhance one’s reputation. Show a little class, Gaga, and share some of the credit.

    1. I know…i didn’t know whether i should join in since i would be repeating myself….love what you had to say!

  6. Why are you all worked up with this? Gaga, not acknowledging Miss M’s Delores DeLago, is copying Midler. We and every half-knowledgable journalist of the English Language know who played a wheelchair-bound mermaid first. It’s just like a different actress playing a witch, for example. Let Gaga try her hand on the role. As Bette said “mermaids can coexist”; especially because Miss M haven’t copyrighted the character. I don’t even know if it’s possible to copyright every wheelchair-bound mermaid. I guess one can only copyright Delores.

    Although Gaga has some songs with a great groove, to me she’s more of a burlesque performer with gimicks than a serious singer. The Divine One is a consumate singer with an extraordinary range and Grammys to prove it.

    The so called Little Monsters can say whatever they want. It won’t do a thing to me, I’m a die hard Bettehead.

    1. I think what got people worked up is that Bette’s first 3 tweets seemed like she was a little ticked off about it.

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