BetteBack: Production Begins On Outrageous Fortune – 1986

Trenton Evening Times
Liz Smith

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2 thoughts on “BetteBack: Production Begins On Outrageous Fortune – 1986

  1. Is it true that Bette and Shelley did not get along during this production? I have heard conflicting reports. Also for any readers, i just read Disneywars while on vacation. And I was pleasantly surprised when there was heavy mention of Bette’s name and her success. Without her success Disney’s bottom line would have tanked and all the studio executives give her credit. Which, especially in recent times, not many people credit Bette!!

    1. In an interview with Phil Donahue, I believe, she was asked directly if she would work with Shelley Long again and the answer was “no” That kind of speaks volumes…lol

      And thanks for the info on that book….that’s great to hear!

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