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From Kim K to Lindsay Lohan: Celebs Who are Sue Happy
August 19th, 2011

From Kim K to Lindsay Lohan: Celebs Who are Sue Happy. When Old Navy released an ad with a Kim K lookalike, Melissa Molinaro, Kim Kardashian was pissed. She was so pissed, she decided to sue the company over using her likeness.

Sure, the resemblance was similar, and Molinaro even reportedly started dating Reggie Bush, Kim’s ex. (Wonder if she sued him, too). But if we could sue people just for looking like us, I would’ve gone after the little Chinese kid from the Indiana Jones movie a long time ago.

Celebs have giant assets, so it makes sense that they want to protect them. Sometimes it makes perfect sense. Other times, they just get their feelings hurt and call their lawyers crying. Here are six sue-happy celebs.

Lindsay Lohan: In 2010, Lohan sued E-Trade. You know E-Trade. It’s that company that does those commercials with the babies talking. But no, she didn’t sue them for being the most annoying ads of all time. Apparently, Lindsay thought they were mocking her. One of the babies referred to in the commercial was named “Lindsay” and was depicted as a boyfriend-stealing “milkoholic.” Lohan’s lawyer said: “These babies in their commercials were symbolic and were not acting just as cute babies but were actually portraying (Lohan) and her grown-up friends.”

Come on! It’s not like the babies were stealing necklaces and taking staged, topless paparazzi photos.

E Trade’s response: “No reasonable person would connect (Lohan) with the E-Trade commercials.” They key-word here is ”˜reasonable’.

Bette Midler: Bette Midler has a great voice, but apparently, she thinks everyone else with a great voice is copying her. In 1989, Midler sued an ad agency for producing a commercial that featured one of her hits. She claims the song was sung by someone instructed to imitate her vocal inflections. She lost. Mostly because the judge was like, “what hits? Who are you?” (Mister D: ah!, Miss M won her case! And don’t be rude!)

Tara Reid: I can’t read or hear Tara Reid’s name without picturing her on the red carpet with that dopey smile on her face and one boob out, just hanging there, chillin’. It was such a “wtf” moment, that the image has become iconic. Sorry, Tara. Reid sued Sky Las Vegas Condominiums for publishing an ad that read, “Dear Tara Reid, come let it all hang out.” The lawsuit claims the company was capitalizing on her misfortune and misrepresented her as “sexually lewd or immoral.” I guess I can understand where she’s coming from, but at that point, I think the damage was done.

Ralph Lauren: Polo magazine and Ralph Lauren’s Polo brand coexisted for quite some time. The magazine covered the sport, and the clothing covered rich American WASPs. But when the mag started getting a little too luxurious, Lauren sued them for trying to make money off of his brand. Really, Ralph? You don’t corner the market on the wealthy, country club-going upper tax bracket. Lauren won the lawsuit in 1999, but in 2001, the ruling was reversed upon appeal.

Lady Gaga: In March, Lady Gaga sued a London ice cream parlor that introduced an ice cream named “Baby Gaga”. Considering Lady Gaga took her name from a Queen song and copies every singer under the stars, it’s a little ironic. Just a little. But the most disturbing thing here? The ice cream is made out of human breast milk. Gaga called it “nausea inducing.” You know it’s bad when you manage to shock a woman who wore dead cow meat. The business’ owner said: “Some people are turned off by the idea, but, really, it raises the philosophical question: Is it better if we use milk from cows injected with hormones who are artificially induced with pregnancy every few months, or human milk?”

Um, I’m gonna go with the one that doesn’t involve consuming liquid from another human being.

Charlie Sheen: Who can forget Charlie Sheen’s ridiculous $100 million lawsuit against Warner Bros? The guy went on a rampage, insulted all of his bosses, threatened them, basically proved to the world he was bat sh-t crazy. So of course, he got fired. Even with “legal pitbull” Marty Singer in his corner, the lawsuit was basically laughed out of court.

If you’d like to comment on the magazine’s factual error and their rude comments: Click Here

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