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“Sweet Baby Jesus,” Pixie, Even I Knew The Movie Wasn’t Happening Over A Year Ago!

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Pixie Lott – Pixie Lott’s Debut Movie Role Scrapped
05 September 2011 01:31

British singer Pixie Lott is relieved her debut movie role has been scrapped, because she only has time to concentrate on her music.

The Mama Do hitmaker replaced Britney Spears and was due to star opposite Bette Midler and Sharon Stone in Sweet Baby Jesus, a modern retelling of the Nativity story.

But the film has now been cancelled – and Lott is pleased because she wants to put off a move into acting until later in her career.

The 20 year old tells Britain’s Daily Star Sunday, “I was offered the role and there were talks about it going ahead so I’m not sure why it went wrong. I think it might have been because they couldn’t get funding. But even though it would have been really fun, at the moment I just haven’t got time to focus on acting properly.

“When I do acting I’d want to really concentrate on it and get into the character and take it seriously. I’m so busy with music, in some ways it’s better the film’s not happening.

“I’m focusing on music so much at the moment that when auditions come up, (my agent) knows there’s no point in even putting me forward.”

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