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Las Vegas Conservative Examiner: Streisand/Midler Symbols Of All That’s Wrong With Our Country
Streisand equals Leftist ideology; Republican Primary candidates equal hypocrisy
, Las Vegas Conservative Examiner
September 8, 2011

Recently I started an op-ed on the Republican Presidential Primary candidates. It remains unfinished for lack of enthusiasm. But as I sit in Starbuck’s writing I hear Barbara Streisand singing in the background. The sound of her gorgeous voice angers and disappoints me. You see, like many of you, I grew up listening to the New York diva. There are few segments of my childhood that don’t include a Streisand song; many memories include me holding a make-believe microphone and belting out On A Clear Day, or some other popular Streisand song, to my invisible living room audience.

But Streisand now stands as a symbol for everything that’s wrong with this country. Her beautiful voice is as lulling and deceptive as the Liberal view of utopia; a world of peace, where guns and violence don’t exist, and skin color is invisible; a melodic land where humans’ cohabitate with Bambi, and no one eats meat anymore.

I’m more inclined to use a Streisand CD for target practice than to listen to her melodious betrayal. I’m a firm believer that entertainers should entertain – and then shut up. Yeah, freedom of speech protects everyone’s right to speak their mind (kind of… well not really anymore), but I believe if your intention is to earn money off adoring fans, than you should maintain focus on the music, or movies, and leave politics to those who have half a brain. Streisand’s assault on President Bush’s policies, and her sponsorship of pro Palestinian/Anti-Israel progressive GRITtv, for starters, have left me repulsed. Added to the no-play list Streisand’s heads is Bette Midler; another musician I used to adore, who’s verbal assaults on President Bush and this country will not be ignored.

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2 thoughts on “Las Vegas Conservative Examiner: Streisand/Midler Symbols Of All That’s Wrong With Our Country

  1. Funny…and I used to think the nicest thing about your American culture was the social awareness that ANY citizen could speak their mind, even this person who wrote this piece…go figure. 😛

    Send me an email. Love. Cris

  2. I am mostly astounded by the double standards in this article and the amount of hypocrisy the Republican party is allowed to get away with! As long as the words “terror” or “Jesus” is used these people can get away with almost anything.

    How did they claim the right to say one thing and then turn around and DO the very thing they complain about themselves, and NO one says anything? It is like they did not even notice? I mean if a Democratic candidate had a teen daughter that was pregnant while running for office, lets face it, the repubs would have had a field day with that one. Talking about family values and our Christian beliefs this country was founded on, well last I checked our forefathers worked very hard in order to impress a separation of church and state. I mean how can you say we are a free country then say as long as you are a christian? what? What happen to my right as a citizen to believe in whatever I want to believe? BTW Perry, how are those prayers for rain in Texas working for you?

    To accuse the left as being liars is absurd, We are all humans and according to christian values we are all sinners. That means regardless of your party I am sure someone on either side is guilty of something. I have been watching the Republican debates and it has been a side show and a joke; not one true statement has been said. I never have seen such an escapade of mockery to our constitution in…well, since I have been alive!

    What about the Arizona Senator Jon Kyl who flat out lies about the Planned Parenthood statistics, then when was called out on it he said and I quote, ” I did not mean it as a factual statement.” Nice one Kyl, your constituents didn’t even care? But yet when Clinton had his scandal it was all about principal, he lied to the country. Well….how is what Kyl did different? It is not, it is still about principal and he flat out lied to push his own agenda!

    But my favorite is when this reporter talks about having no toleration for hypocrisy when her first couple of paragraphs consist of nothing but hypocritical statements. I mean she is upset about BUSH bashing, he’s been out of office for several years, get over it whiner and take a look around you, you damn hypocrite, seems perfectly acceptable to bash Obama right now? By the way, “whiners” is what Repubs call Dems when we say, “why is it ok for you to do it, but not us?”

    Maybe if Obama would try to govern our country by actually using some democratic policies instead of bending over backwards trying to appease selfish, childish, racist, no brained asses better known as the Tea Party this country might could possibly get back on track. To say our economy is Obama’s fault is well obviously coming from someone extremely misinformed. Guess what people we have a Repub congress and things are still in the crapper. When Clinton was president we had a surplus and all the Repubs claimed it was because their was a Republican congress. Well what’s your excuse now?

    She states, “don’t tell me I’m wrong for supporting my troops and wanting to own a gun.” Well my answer to her is, “don’t tell me I’m wrong for believing we could live in a world of peace, if people like her would stop saying it is impossible and start taking positive actions by defeating our enemies with understanding”. Instead they bully, toting fire arms and grunting out we’ll put a boot in your ass it’s the American way?

    That is not the America I want our future generations to be left with. It is the American way to rise to challenges together, not one to rise while all the real workers get left behind. The blue collar workers are the true back bone of America and we are the ones who have been betrayed. To support a party that is hurting the very people who support them seems absurdly misguided?

    So in conclusion, I’m tired of the right wing radicals and the tea party destroying my country in order to line their own pockets and pass off their own agendas that help a select few versus ALL. America was built on the words that said ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL, with justice and liberty for ALL. There is that “ALL” word again, look it up…it means everyone.

    So Barbara and Bette, preach away ladies and sing what you believe if you want to make it sound prettier, because the voice of reason needs to be heard, not stifled, if they can preach well under our constitutional rights SO CAN WE! We live in a free country and no where in the constitution does it say you are only free IF you believe as I do. But give the Repubs time, I am sure they will find a way to make that amendment.

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