Mister D Flees Bootleg Betty (Only Cause He Has To)

Hello, my dear Betteheads!!! Just wanted to tell you I’ll be going into the hospital for a few days and won’t have any access to a computer. That means Bootleg Betty will be dry! I know, how horrid. But you know there are plenty of places to explore to get you fixes – just troll down the left side of my page and look for Bette Midler Forums and Other Bette Places.

I truly am sorry I took you by surprise, but things snowballed so fast and all of a sudden I’m going to the hospital. It’s nothing bad, just a few repairs in this old engine to makr me feel better. I should be back within a few days. If not, then that means I needed extra time for recovery or something. But I will be back! Too Much to do.

We’ve got Bette’s new movie unfolding, Fashion Week, Hulaween, and I just received a call from NYRP again about teaming up to do something special for Miss M on a grand scale.

So toodly-do my friends and I’ll see you soon!

As always,

Love, Mister D

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17 thoughts on “Mister D Flees Bootleg Betty (Only Cause He Has To)

  1. Get well soon, Mr.D – you’re very important to those of us in the Yuk – especially here by the sea in sunny Brighton. I just discovered that Miss M played at the Brighton Centre on her world tour in the 80s – my next door neighbour told me he saw her, after he saw my TSMGO signed print!
    Anyway – be good!

  2. Mr D:

    I’m sending you all the Best and hoping that you are Well very fast. Remember there are many people who have never met you but care!!
    Much Health & Happiness to You!!


  3. You’re going to be divine in no time, Mr. D.

    What a magnificent shot of Miss M we have above this tread. Looks like the Rolls Royce insignia.

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