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Good News, Bad News: Red Tape Keeps Mister D Home Til Sunday Morn

Well ain’t this typical! I announce something and then it backfires on me. Due to a bad intake the night before, when I got to the hospital Thursday morn I was told they couldn’t admit me. Now it’s been moved to Sunday morning…which just makes it more nerve-wracking for me.

The bad news is that I will be gone for 7 weeks and as far as I know it’s computer-less. So I’m very disappointed, shocked, and sorry. I didn’t know I’d be gone that long. So do what you have to do. I’ll put up the birthday information and someone or anyone can be a cheerleader for it! So thanks in advance to anyone who picks that challenge up.

Thanks to those who have posted well wishes to me on Bootleg Betty and Facebook. I really do appreciate it. It’s nice to know that people care.

I’ve informed Ms Midler’s people and Mr.Vilanch of my sabbatical, so that’s taken care of. You all were next. I was embarrassed to have to write again. I won’t write another note about this unless another major change happens. Just know for now that Sunday morn will be my last post for quite awhile….

Thanks for being patient with me….


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21 thoughts on “Good News, Bad News: Red Tape Keeps Mister D Home Til Sunday Morn

  1. Dear Mister D, I’m really so sorry to hear that :(( I wish you from all my heart that you get better soon, I’ll be thinking of you and we will all be very happy to have you back. take good care on you!!! we love and miss you all xoxoxox

  2. Mister D,

    You’re the best, and we’re going to miss you….but, you’re health is #1, and your temporary absence will make us miss you even more! Best wishes on a speedy recovery. I’ll still be clicking on bootlegbetty every day…..waiting for that next post…..even it may be two months down the road.

    Take care, and please come back with a “I’ve Still Got My Health” in the jukebox.

    Luv ya

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