Bette Calls Rick Perry An Odd Duck….I Say She’s Being Nice Then

October 26, 2011
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Bette Midler calls Rick Perry an ”˜odd duck’
October 26, 2911

Bette Midler hails from Hawaii, and she’s certain that President Barack Obama was born there, too.

“That piece of business was put to rest. He showed them the birth certificate,” the singer-actress said of the birther issue during an interview with HLN’s Joy Behar that aired Tuesday.

The people who questioned Obama’s birthplace, Midler said, “reduced him to that indignity, something that no president, no sitting president has ever had to do, and I, for one, was completely ashamed to be an American at that time. I thought it was absolutely disgusting.”

Midler called Texas Gov. Rick Perry “a really odd duck” for expressing uncertainty about Obama’s birth certificate and renewing the debate.

“I don`t think Rick Perry is sure where he was born,” she quipped

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