Memorable moments at the Globes
Golden Globes Update

Ever since Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., and Dean Martin mutinied at the 1958 Golden Globes, rushing the stage and commandeering the hosting duties, the Globes have been a chance for stars to let down their hair in the weeks preceding the Oscars. We’ve seen Oliver Stone rail against the government, Bette Midler deep-throat her statue, and Brad Pitt discuss his bowels. Here are more recent moments illuminating how — for better or worse — that anything-can-happen spirit continues to brand the Globes, both on and off the stage.

Jack Nicholson turns the other cheek
Many people ad-lib speeches, but when Jack Nicholson accepted his lead drama actor award for “As Good as It Gets,” he paid homage to fellow nominee Jim Carrey by bending over and pretending to talk out of his butt.

Two non-Angry Men
In perhaps the most touching moment Hollywood didn’t script, Ving Rhames — a tearful winner for his role in TV movie “Don King: Only in America” — relinquished his award to “Twelve Angry Men” nominee Jack Lemmon.

Liz Taylor’s war cry
The year “Gladiator” took best drama pic, Elizabeth Taylor was so “distracted” she almost forgot to read the nominees and then battled with the winner’s envelope.

Jamie Foxx‘s ‘Ray’ of sunshine
Beginning with a crowd-rousing call-and-response song, and ending with a tribute to his grandmother, Foxx’s lead drama actor acceptance speech was as unique as it was moving.

Even Isaac Mizrahi likes a nice rack
Especially Scarlett Johansson’s, which the fashion guru spent a moment squeezing on the pre-show red carpet.

No stars ”¦ no Globes
When striking writers vowed to picket the Globes, they immediately received the support of SAG including such A-listers as George Clooney and Keira Knightley. Rather than broadcast a show with no stars, NBC scaled back the ceremony to a one-hour news conference ”¦ which drew a measly 6 million viewers, down 75% from previous years.

Tina Fey tells off the Internet
Nobody likes getting bashed on the Internet ”¦ including Fey, who accepted her lead TV comedy actress award (for”30 Rock”) to tell her Internet haters to “suck it.”

Tracy Morgan is the voice of a generation
Many winners have used acceptance speeches as political pulpits, but no one has so profoundly addressed the nation’s racial incongruities as Morgan, when — after “30 Rock” won for top smallscreen comedy — announced himself the new “face of post-racial America. Deal with it, Cate Blanchett!”

Ricky Gervais mouths off
Everyone expected Gervais to be merciless with his captive audience of celebrities, but when he claimed he “had to help (then-HFPA president Philip Berk) off the toilet and pop his teeth back in,” it seemed like the death knoll for Gervais’ hosting gig. But, he’s back…

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