Bette And Martin In Israel

Bette Midler and Martin came to Israel as Elton John’s guest for his show in Ramat Gan (2010)

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33 thoughts on “Bette And Martin In Israel

  1. After seeing this picture I had to go to and watch The Cool Yule video to cheer me up. Some pics are best left unposted…………….

    I love Bette!!!!

  2. Yes, you can think a lot looking at this pic. Her hair is a bit blown, and it lookes like she is swallowing and maybe not so happy, we know these days.
    Greetings and heppier days I wish you.
    BB Linda

  3. A lot of people really have some growing up to do! Seems like only Linda has some sense in her head! Bette is 66! This is a candid shot….no touch ups, no special lighting, no bells and whistles….it looks like morning time, she’s swallowing something, her hair astray….any of our older divas would look the same or worse….nonetheless, the picture is interesting. I just didn’t realize how spoiled we have become by technology where we can’t look at a photo for what it is..,You can call Bette every superlative you want and it will be deserved, but she’s still human

  4. I don’t think Bette would be happy with this picture being up on a site devoted to her. That’s all. We all have pictures we don’t want the world to see. It has nothing to do with having to grow up.

    1. I’ve met Bette several times and she’s much more “real” than you give her credit to be….in the 10 years I have been online I have only been asked to take down one thing and that was a UK interview she did and she asked respectfully if I would take it down. I can guarantee you this will not be asked to take down. It’s a real moment, I saw nothing wrong with it.It sounds as if you have a hang up about age. And it’s pretty presumptuous of you to feel you know what Bette would think….

  5. The women has on NO MAKEUP! Build a bridge and get over it! She’s not had any work done…which means she’s real looking. I hope and pray i look as good as her at 66. She’s hot and i think she looks amazing, with/ without makeup and hair done. I happen to love this picture….it shows you can be a real human being, even if you are an A lister like Bette. This picture is everything i love about her.

  6. Oh…and if ya’all dont like what i had to say…Kiss My Brass! And to Mr. she would not be proud of it. I believe you are wrong. And if you love Bette so much, it would not matter how she looked. The end. Sorry Don….i could not keep my mouth shut.

  7. I just put something on FB haha. No problem. I could not keep my mouth shut…i tried…sooo hard. And may i say, i was being nice in my comments…i could have easily said what i was really thinking, but really, lets be adult about this.

  8. Once again having a different point of view is not respected on this site.  People go off the deep end over the slightest difference of opinion.  It is simply an opinion.  People including the site operator need to relax.   

    Bette is a wonderful person and the best entertainer I’ve ever seen live.  She has done so much for so many.  I’ve been a fan since the mid 1970’s.  My comments by no means are in any way meant to be rude or disrespectful.  It was simply an opinion.  Unfortunately, if you don’t feel the same as others here, including Mister D, it’s apparent that you are not welcome to express yourself and will be bullied!  It’s not the first time!

    1. Nice try making yourself look like the victim, but it was you who was trying to make me look bad for putting the picture up in the first place… really….who had the real agenda here? Looks like it backfired and you backpeddled. Opinions are welcomed here….just don’t try to bring down the people with them like you started….I can almost smell who your friends might be….

  9. No, I’m not backpedaling, I simply stated my opinion.  You and your friends have a club and anyone who thinks differently about anything is laughed at, LOL.  It must make you feel better about yourself & your life. 
    If Bette read what you say, on a site meant to honor her, she would be sad.   You are a mean person.
    My post was never to try and bring you down.  If you think it was then you REALLY have issues.  IT WAS AN OPINION!   
    Don’t worry, your friends will come to your defense.  They always do.   
    It’s too bad you can’t  let the site be a tribute to a great woman and you have to put so much of the attention on yourself. 

    1. We’ve had differences of opinion on here quite enough without anything getting out of hand. I do suggest you go back and read your posts very carefully … there is quite an underlying message about my bad judgement and you put it in an ugly way. Sorry, but I’m going to defend myself. You put the attention on me first. By your misspellings, grammar, lack of punctuation, and phrasing.,,,,,i think I know who you are so what you are saying really means nothing to me. As for my site, it is exactly what it is supposed to be and for better or worse that’s whats made it so successful 10 years running, And since you’re forcing the issue I’ll just say I’ve had my share of perks throughout the years from Ms. Midler for which I am truly grateful. And it still goes on to this day. Her exact words about me after meeting me several times was that she liked me because I seemed honest and real.. That’s what i strive to be…but I’m human and miss the mark some time. And I also know that some insecure people confuse those traits with being mean, too. Not my problem. If you hate me and the site so much then quit coming back. Why torture yourself?

  10. She looks like my auntie! I luv my auntie!To quote a famous phrase, ” Thank god for you, the wind beneath my wings! “

  11. My comment about the picture was in no way a comment on you, it was an opinion. If you were offended, I’m sorry.

    The mistake I made was thinking this was a forum where people could make comments and not be attacked. This is not the first time you have attacked people who post comments. I see it got so bad you wrote an anti-bullying post. You need to reread that!

    Your comments about me prove you are mean person & a bully. Bette would be ashamed if she read the comments you post about others on a site devoted to her.

    1. I think she would be more offended that you had to leave this site because you couldn’t stand to look at one picture of her where you thought she looked too unflattering. That says way more about you than it does me. As far as the anti-bullying post I have no idea what you are talking about….I made one the other day about Rosie as a kid….I went thru the same thing as a kid….it has nothing to do with you….or this site. I have hundreds of thousands readers who flip through this site weekly and I don’t know who will take up with me or not.Sometimes I’ve had to defend this site against an army of Republicans by myself..I can handle myself on my own. You want to use the word “bully”cause it’s trendy but you’re using it at the expense of those that are really harmed. Next time you leave an opinion, don’t question my loyalty as a fan. That’s an accusation., Guy!

  12. Come on Guy, now you cross the line, big time, don’t be childish and take it in.

    Lets move on.
    Don love you.

  13. I wouldn’t pay you anything cause I bet you’re right! And in retrospect the whole back in forth with the person from California….well it was a waste of time…and not my favorite….ha ha! xx Have fun in Rio…

  14. I guess I’m a bit late to pitch in to the conversation, but one of the things that makes this “bootleg” website so great, is that you find things on it that you can’t find anywhere else. Certainly, the publicity shots, and the color shoots with makeup are great, but you can find many of those pictures every where– and this site gives everyone an opportunity to see all facets of the Divine Miss M. From the polished and colorful, to the stripped-down, raw, edgy and natural.

    Mr. D., I remember a previous photo that you had on your website (a few months ago, I believe) that also created a bit of a stir. It was of Bette in an elevator (Carnegie Hall, I think). It looked like she was wearing a corduroy jacket, and was “up against the wall” so to speak. You could see that her hands were starting to wrinkle, and her face, without make-up showed that Bette’s years were beginning to catch up with her. I found that picture to be one of the most hauntingly beautiful pictures of Bette I’ve ever seen. There was a certain vulnerability about her, with a stark look, a darting glance and a hand placed on the elevator wall. It grew on me, like the Mona Lisa grows on you. The shot was absolutely masterful, but it showed a side of Bette that we hadn’t seen before.

    It’s moments like these, that make me appreciate this website so much. Hit or miss is in the eye of beholder. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have a choice.

    1. I remember that photo now….thanks for reminding me! I guess i just don’t think in the same way as most people….I find all facets of Bette interesting and I loved that i found that photo. You just never know what’s going to push somebody’s buttons. I just wish I could speak as eloquently as you always do. Thanks for chiming in….xx

  15. This is photo is one of my favorites now. Why? Because it’s like catching a moment with Bette in some random place. She’s adorable.

    But the biggest reason I love this picture?

    It pisses “WHY” GUY off.

    Don, keep doing what you do and please do not pay any attention to the bullsh!t that some people are insistent on clouding others’ happiness with.

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