BetteBack: Goldberg, Midler lead field for comedy awards

Los Angeles Daily News
Goldberg, Midler lead field for comedy awards
April 4,1987

LOS ANGELES – Whoopi Goldberg and Bette Midler, with four nominations each, dominated the nominations for The American Comedy Awards, the first awards show to honor the comedic art in all its forms. The nominations for the two-hour show, which will be televised live on ABC-TV on May 19, were announced late this week.

Robin Williams and Woody Allen, who were both nominated in the category of funniest male performer n a motion picture, led all male comedians, with three nominations apiece.

“This is the first time comedians and comedy actors have voted for each other,” said George Schlatter, who created and will produce the awards show. He said 1,600 people in the entertainment industry voted for the nominations and will participate in the final voting.

The most obvious omission in the nominations is Bill Cosby, who asked to be excluded because, said Schlatt e r, ” he w o n ‘t c o m p e t e f or awards.”

Comedian and actor Red Buttons, who was named designated acceptor on the program for those winners who do not show up, noted at the press conference that comedians “are the Rodney Dangerfield of the arts. No respect. But singers and
other artists can practise their craft alone. Funny people need an audience to tell them that their craft is working.”

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