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After meeting at a resort in Atlantic City, child performer CC Bloom (Bette Midler) and privileged rich girl Hillary Whitney (Barbara Hershey) instantly become best friends, despite their very different lives. As CC begins a successful stage career and Hillary goes on to study law, the pair stays in touch by writing letters describing the course of their lives. Years later, in an attempt to escape her family’s expectations, Hillary shows up at CC’s door in New York City and finds that she is struggling to find work as a singer. As relationships loved ones come and go, CC and Hillary’s friendship faces many obstables, but through it all there’s no doubt that these women share a lifelong connection. Directed by: Garry Marshall. With: John Heard, Spalding Gray, Lainie Kazan, James Read, Mayim Bialik and Marcie Leeds. Category: Drama, Comedy, Musical. Year: 1988.

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  1. I really wish all of those scenes that were , obviously, deleted had been restored on the special edition. ” Hair that moves”, Hillary screaming ” YOU MANIAC!” where are all of those alternate takes???? sheesh!!

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