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TwitBits: Kid Cudi, Foster The People, Bette Midler, Josh Groban And More
by ANDREW TIJS on JANUARY 19, 2012

Kid Cudi eats “tai” in Sydney, Foster The People pimp surgical masks, Bette Midler resists bitchiness, Josh Groban hangs with Rush and heaps more.

When they’re not talking about SOPA, this is the silliness that musicians have been tweeting today.

  • Jack from pop-punks All Time Low is uninterested in your penis”¦ today.
  • Try to guess what would be on a table behind the scenes at a Rick Ross video shoot. If you said “money stacks, martini glasses, a diamond-encrusted watch, and a Black Jesus chain with jeweled hair” you win the prize.
  • Producer A-Trak doesn’t look as happy as he should after peeing his name in the snow.
  • And the very next tweet in our feed was Aesop Rock asking whether being satisfied with a long, strong piss is cause for depression or elation.
  • Mark from Foster The People is attempting to start a surgical mask fashion trend, which won’t terrify Americans at all.
  • Kid Cudi is eating “tai food” in Sydney, in case anyone wants to go down to that one Thai restaurant in Sydney and hang with him.
  • If you’re recording in the same studio as Little Birdy right now, Katy Steele would like to tell you that you suck.
  • Bette Midler has decided not to be a bitchy gossip about the Golden Globes. Bummer.
  • It is a universal law that if you hang out recording studios long enough, you will meet Rush, as Josh Groban just discovered.
  • Someone get 50 Cent a dental dam and a ticket to Argentina.
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