BetteBack May 17, 1991: Bette Midler On ShortList For “Evita” Actresses

Disney dumps ‘Evita
May 17, 1991

HOLLYWOOD – Walt Disney Co. kingpin Jeffrey Katzenberg – living by the austerity dictum he laid down in a leaked memo last whiter – dumps plans for the movie “Evita” with Madonna as star.

Disney refused to spend more than $25.7 million, well short of the $29 million budget planned by producer Robert Stigwood, who is working with composer Andrew Lloyd Webber on the project.

The decision leaves the fate of “Evita” in doubt and sees Madonna join Liza Minelli, Bette Midler, Meryl Streep, Barbra Streisand on the list of frustrated Evita wanna-bes.

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