BetteBack November 15, 1991: Barbara Eden Buys Rights To Beaches Sequel, Oy!

Mister D: I guess it never got made!

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November 15, 1991

Barbara Eden‘s production company buys rights to “Beaches” sequel titled “I’11 Be There,” plans to make it an ABC-TV movie with Ms. Eden in the rote originally played by Bette Midler.

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4 thoughts on “BetteBack November 15, 1991: Barbara Eden Buys Rights To Beaches Sequel, Oy!

    1. I’ll Be There picks up after the tragic death of Bertie Barron, who has entrusted the care of her eight-year old daughter, Nina, to her best friend, the dazzling entertainer Cee Cee Bloom. But life in the Hollywood spotlight never prepared Cee Cee for this role: mother to a little girl she barely knows. Even on the couch of the Tonight show or preparing the biggest act of her career, Cee Cee tries to focus on Nina and her needs. And for a while – eight years – it all seems to work: career, motherhood, even high-profile romance with a marvelous and unlikely lover. Then, with one devastating discovery, the life that Cee Cee has created with Nina in Hollywood is shattered, and she is forced to come to terms with the profound depth of her commitment to this young girl-now a young woman-who has become so precious to her. The daughter becomes a drug addict…..that was one of the main reasons Miss M turned it down…..too negative….

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