Will Bette Join Glee? My Guess….No

E OnLine!
Glee Casting Scoop: Is This Evidence That Rachel and Kurt Get into NYADA?
by Ashley Graham

With the Glee spin-off officially not happening, and the fourth season of the show itself shrouded in “revolutionary” secrecy, we’re gettin’ a little desperate for news of any kind as to what comes next for our fave McKinley High kiddos! So many futures hang in the balance now, and there are just so many directions in which this crazy lil’ show could head!

Early hints from January’s TCAs suggested a “show within a show” format could take over come season four, and now a new spoiler that’s surfaced via E! Online seems to support the claim”¦

E! reports that Glee is currently looking to cast an “imposing theatrical grande dame” that would be an addition for this season AND next season!

Say what?!

Is this our first hint at life after McKinley for Rachel (Lea Michele) and Kurt (Chris Colfer)? Will their NYADA dreams be coming true? And if so, is the show soon to be split between NYC and Lima? Or, is someone just getting a seriously loud and overbearing (err, theatrical) grandma sometime soon???

We have so many questions!

What’s your best guess? Patti LuPone? Carol Channing? Bette Midler!!?? Bernadette Peters??!!

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4 thoughts on “Will Bette Join Glee? My Guess….No

  1. Hmmm im thinking most likely Bernadette Peters. However Bette would fantastic. It could be her Sister act moment!!!

  2. LOL her SA moment, would love to see Bette again, mis her too much, but Glee? ‘They’re good, and they bring back a lot of good music…. Somehow Bette seems the opposite set to me, as mistress of interpretation vs everything they sing get’s “glee’d “…

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